Mexican Food in Taipei


Went to Eddy’s recently. The food items were hit-and-miss… decent enchiladas, salsa, and horchata; awful rice and beans. Then again, I’m spoiled coming from southern California. Will have to give more basic stuff like tacos and keep an eye on this thread to try more places.


Anyone have any experience at Teotihuacan?
No. 10, Lane 123, Section 2, Jianguo South Road, Da’an District, Taipei


Anyone tried the rancheros at The Diner? Takes 20 minutes to prepare


Still waiting to hear about this one. I passed and they are open.
Teotihuacan 墨西哥料理, No. 10, Lane 123, Section 2, Jianguo South Road, Da’an District, Taipei


Why don’t you give it a try and report back for us? : D


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Luca Tacos this weekend in Xindian`s Qizhang Station. Tamales and tacos.


How was it?


Delicious as usual.


I’m very tempted to go by but not sure open or can find it. And tamales go fast so might not be available.


From 5pm on …till sold out. It is a small stand. When you exit Qizhang station exit 1, turn left. It is across from the cellphone store.


No one talks about Fiesta restaurant. Any reviews? I’ve been a few times when in the area. Nothing great and not worth a trip. Apparently is Peruvian food and not Mexican but does anyone think it is good?

Fiesta Restaurant & Bar
No. 189, Section 4, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei


The usually excellent Han Cheung at the Taipei Times discovers that there might actually be edible Mexican food in Taipei, and through this discovery reminisces about his grad school days in the US:

He singles out Teotihuacan and Nala’s in this page-length feature. What do you think, forumosans? Is he on—or off—the mark?



Way off the mark–with regard to Nala’s at least. I’m no fan of Chipotle, but their food is far superior to Nala’s. I only went there once, and it was an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat.

I guess I may try Teotihuacan, but the photos in the article don’t look very promising. Those chicken enchiladas are a big red flag. That’s not what chicken enchiladas should look like.

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The photos show that they are using canned jalepenos. This can’t be compared to the sublime awesomeness of Nomad’s hot sauce with fresh chilis, which also brighten the pico de gallo.

Damn I am getting hungry again.


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Agree, Nala’s was a one time experience for me…pretty bad.

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Looks like great stuff from the ol country indeed.


Is he there every weekend. Do you have to Pre Order? From his FB page it looks like you need to preorder and pick up at the MRT


Strange they picked 2 that don’t get much attention here by people that would do nearly anything for good Mexican food including carry on an endless discussion about it at any time day or night. There must be some underlying reason. I’ve yet to have one person personally mention either of these when talking about Mexican food.


I think Nala’s was mentioned in this thread a while back, which is probably why I tried it. Thanks, Forumosa. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think he is today at Crafted too. In Maji, Yuanshan station.

I guess you can arrange to pick up and order by FB.