Mexican Food in Taipei


I noticed that Nala’s has a shop next to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial MRT stop exit number 4. But there are only 2 seats so I guess they focus mostly on take out.

They are open everyday except Sunday 11:30 for lunch until 9 or 10 p.m.

I would like to hear if anyone tries it.


Hit it up and let us know what you think!


Tried Taco Taco recently. Not truly a Mexican restaurant but the tacos are huge and tasty but not authentic.

Amigo Zhongxiao Guangfu closed.


Beer & Cheese Social House occasionally has taco night and they sometimes have a taco truck out front. It passed the basic Mexican food test, AND I can get a real IPA.


Anyone tried Pachuco on Civic near Dunhua? Heard it’s Mexican, but looks like Spanish.


Adding this to the thread list and keeping thread active.

El Sabroso on Tingzhou Road. And they sell two types of home made salsa by the jar. Just like everything, the salsa is very special. Very finely prepared and looks appetizing just looking at it. I can make a meal out it alone. All great food.


Cool, next time I’m in town I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks!


There is a really good place in the Shida night market that sells “tortas” (not the one I talked about before). They have shwarma or kielbasa, and mayo, spicy mustard, chili powder, ketchup, cabbage, onions, all for just NT$ 65. It is very good and the shop keeper is really nice. He is always blasting early 80s music


OMGosh, hahaha, that looks just like Chipotle :astonished:


Believe me it’s not like Chipotle. Better by the way.


Went here a while back, small shop next to the office that does a lot of takeaway business during lunch hours. I’m not Mexican expert but would think this is definitely more LA/tex-mex food as supposed to real Mexican as @tango42 said, but pretty good and filling!


The closest thing I found is Al Pastor/Carne Asada Quantum Tacos at Meiji Square…its kinda close but still not quite there…


Theres also a Mexican guy named Luca, Tacos Luca in Xiandian that makes authentic Mexican food out of his home. Facebook Tacos Luca. But you have to pre order and go all the way to Xindian to pick it up…and who wants to do that?


I decided to make my own


Meiji is a Japanese historical period. Maji (maji quangchang) is a square in Taibei (Taipei) on Zhongshan N. Rd. SW of the fine arts museaum that has ethnic food booths ranging in quality from quite poor to decent that tend to disappear after 6-12 months, only to be replaced by others. I assume you mean the latter.


Hungry Girl Taipei strongly recommended Quantum Tacos at Maji Square - I see bluejasn mentioned this place above.


I’ve had both. The Mecado Colombia has arepas, which are like triple-thick corn tortillas (think sopes, memelas, etc.), first griddled then coated with a very flavorful sauce, then topped with too much cheese. Good but VERY heavy and fattening.

It also has delicious deep-fried empanadas, (good, but VERY heavy and fattening). No healthy choices or veggies in sight, as usual for the Maji food court. I don’t know why the bosses can’t provide some balance, other than the fact that fried meat, starch and cheese are easy and cheap. Nearby, Quantum Tacos is similarly good but the same problem there.

But maybe I’m being too demanding. After all, authenticity is hard enough to find here. And it’s not like street-side empanada joints back home in Mexico are going to serve lighter, oven-baked empanadas with healthy veggies on the side.

Mecato Colombia in Maji Square - empanadas and arepas

If you want mmm yum Al Pastor, try El Sabroso.


I had arepas in Venezuela and they weren’t fried but griddled without any oil. They stuff them with whatever you want and kind of like an English muffin shape. They used a special corn flour mixed with water until they are like mashed potato texture, then griddled. When I’m home in Texas, a few bags of arepa flour find their way to my suitcase.


Quantum also does the tacos on Tuesdays at the Local. They are legit and delicious.

Everytime I go to that outdoor food court I lose my appetite because the stinky tofu stand dominates everything.