Mexican Food in Taipei


Just went to Quantum’s at Maji’s last weekend. Tacos were a bland and the meat was not up to par.

Disappointed in hungry girl.


I didn’t mind Quantum’s at Maji’s. No complaints.


I feel like hungry girl is copying me. She followed my Instagram and it seems like after I post going somewhere she also goes there.


Maybe you should start a blog


Too much effort. I just like to eat. I take a picture or two. And sometimes will recommend someplace that I really enjoyed and has something that I don’t find much of in taiwan.


I share pics on Google maps, but only of the places I like.


Macho taco sucks. I just need to reiterate this. Ate it today. I’ve tasted school cafeteria tacos better than this. I’m tired of all the people on Facebook saying I don’t know what I’m talking about saying it’s bad in my review. They don’t know shit.


I think thats the general consensus here on Forumosa.

Anyone that likes does so either because they don’t know taco’s, or because they have other motives.


@Andrew0409 Why’d you eat it again?


I’m insane. I keep hoping it would get better.

I wanted tacos and it was the only available one on food panda. My knees and legs are not feeling great. Can’t walk much without pain today so I didn’t want to go out.


Aha! Taco Desparation. I’ve tried them once or twice. I remember liking the salsa and soft corn tortillas. I’m from Texas so I don’t expect the same here as the tacquerias I frequent in Dallas. Hence the need to press my own tortillas, bbq, etc.


Bring me back some! I miss the Texas portions also.


I don’t get the hate for Mucho Tacos. I only had it once and it was ‘fine’ at best but I wouldn’t say it sucked. I’d probably go back if I was in the area… not the worst Mexican I’ve ever had.

I know that’s not a ringing endorsement but it’s all I’ve got.


I had OK fish tacos there once. It’s gone downhill ever since.


I don’t either. The food isn’t anything special, but I still enjoy it. I’m coming from Texas too where I used to eat Tex-Mex all the time. Slab some hot sauce on the burritos, and I’m satisfied.

El Sabroso is better though. Their burritos have more flavor and the salsa is pretty damn good. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet.


Did El Sabroso used to be around the corner from where it is now? Years ago I went to a shop that looks almost identical, but it was in an alley and not on the main road. I remember really enjoying it. I don’t know if it’s the same shop in a new location.


Short answer: no. This is El Sabroso’s first incarnation, anywhere.



Fair enough. Sounds like something worth trying then. Do you have time for the long answer?


I tried El Sabarosa last week. The best burritos I’ve had in years.


Fish tacos at The Corner Office…Very california style. Tuesday is taco night there.