Mexican Food in Taipei


I never got anything that looks remotely close to this at Taco Bell. How do they manage to fuck up the tacos at EVERY SINGLE STORE???


The taco looks like a non-slip shower mat


not a taco
looks like a taco
but that chalupa shell is the BOMB


Well, if the Formosa Chang dude and Elvira like it, that’s good enough for me, I guess


If we got a Chipotle in Taipei I would set up a little cot somewhere inside the restaurant and just live there.


Chipotle? Really?
I ate once there and it was nothing special at all.
Plenty of cheap family-run burrito places in most big cities of the U.S.


True. But we are not in the United States. There are good burritos in Taiwan - Eddy’s Cantina, El Sabroso - but I would dearly love to have a Mexican place of Chipotle price and quality near my home.

I used to like Taco Bell, but last time I tried it a few years ago … nope. Not anymore.


Correct on lack of burrito places in Taiwan.
As for Taco Bell, their breakfast menu is not bad. Different things you wouldn’t find at other fast-food outlets for breakfast.


Not long ago, there used to be a Chipotle like place behind SOGO Fuxing. Sigh.

Same with the tacos near Tonghua night market. Man, those were good.

Our man Lucca from Xindian is holding Taco Thursdays at Maji. That’s the best we can do for now.


Why didn’t he make it Taco Tuesday?

Taco Tuesday/Freedom Friday


Taco Tuesday is so gringo. In Mexico, every day is taco day. :sunglasses:


There was also that King Burrito place in the Shilin area. It wasn’t great, but it was decent - the sort of place I’d probably eat at all the time if I lived in the area, but wouldn’t travel across town for.


Recommendations for a decent taco place? Nacos with real cheese rather than that awful fake cheese sauce?


Oh, I visited that one too. That Shilin one was really clos eto Chipotle in form. But the ones behind SOGO had tastier fare.


El Sabroso tacos, Tuesdays only, are pretty good.

There’s a taco place in Maji Square that others think highly of, but I thought they were just OK. (Great base filling, but … nothing else.)

Eddy’s Cantina probably makes good tacos, because I’ve liked almost everything I’ve eaten there, but I’m not sure I’ve ever tried the tacos.

See this thread:

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Taco Bell has given up in East Asia, They had some in Singapore and Japan, seems they have closed. Do not miss them. I do like Guzman y Gomez which now has outlets in Japan and S’pore, as well many in Aussie.


Not an ideal situation, but no biggie. I get my fix on my annual visits to the U.S.


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There’s one in Zhongli still. Chipotle-like.

No. 332, Minquan Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 32055
03 402 2790