Mexican...ish restaurants in Taipei

This Mexican-American place hits the spot for me. Not very authentic but it’s not far from where I go once a week and with some jalapenos and sour cream sides, again close enough to satisfy.


It says Mexican food though and has a big Mexican flag in the pic. :grin::joy:

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But Mexican food has tomatoes and that’s American too ! :grin:

Now if they only said welcome in Spanish as you entered. If you’re close I say go. Not bad, really.

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Maybe more in line with OP’s intention… remember an Indian restaurant near NTU I think, where they used the standard short grain rice that Taiwanese love. It was f*ckin awful

Remember Macho Taco early on did something similar with their burritos, made it taste more like 粽子.


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Ha! I’m talking local organic farms with no pesticides where I can go and buy groceries right where they are grown. Trying to find organic food here is a joke. Small stores scattered about with barely any selection.

Just like brian you’re trying to pick an example of one type when there’s more variety than any other national cuisine, something for everybody. Chain restaurants are disappearing all over the US in favor of locally sourced. So my guess is your experience is from chain restaurants as is mostly seen in Taiwan.

New Mexican Food (small cafe central Las Cruces near New Mexico State Uni near where we where on business). Food was good for me !! But for Taiwan and Chinese staffs& teachers they would say to local people it’s great, but at night they drove to El Paso (Texas) for good Asian Fix and complaints about the food. Last photo was fav of Taiwanese coworkers (simple Turkey dinner) in San Diego. That trip we were in New Mexico-Texas + Denver + Southern California , in order the best food was San Diego, Houston (to be fair there huge Taiwanese/Asia areas with varied food), Las Cruses/El Paso (and a day in Ciudad Juárez which we had good food) last was Denver where found where people may thing Americans eat high fat/fast foods.

So i will say this there not aversion to poor nations food as in Ciudad Juárez we had good food and not quick foods like we had in the Denver area. Anyways this is my feedback with Taiwanese and Japanese workers there maybe different from the feedback you get.

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Dude just because you went to New Mexico and had food at a cafe does not mean you had New Mexican food! That’s look some crap food from country buffet. I’m sorry you didn’t know where to eat, but going somewhere on a business trip does not mean you know the place.

Do you even know what green chile is?

Sorry again you do not know Denver at all. I’m from there. Denver has one of the fastest growing restaurant scenes in the country with award winning restaurants and multiple food halls all around the city. You can even have famous places like Nobu if you want. You can’t expect to know a place on a business trip. Im talking about people who live there. Colorado is the healthiest and thinnest state in the country. Nearby Boulder is the epicenter of organic food with national brands starting there (sorry not Germany). Kimball Musk (Elon Musks brother) is a restauranteur in Boulder started a fantastic farm to table restaurant with the best infused cocktails. Why do you think he picked there and not Germany? :joy:

My wife is also vegetarian and the options there are endless. Taiwan, despite what they say is not that easy. She doesn’t care for the vegetarian buffets and restaurants will still add meat even if you ask them not to.

Yes I’ve met plenty of those. I’m talking about people who actually live overseas and get to know a place. Not just passing through reliant on a superficial stereotypes and an inflated sense of one’s own cuisine.

Brunch in Denver
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Food halls

Vegetarian food in Boulder

As for El Paso, went to high school there and the Mexican food is fantastic.

Whole foods = certified organic not processed with tons of preservatives and empty calories. 25% of produce is local produce as well. And 30% of products are also local. The organic stores here are tiny and few and far between. There are also where I live family farms all over that supply produce to restaurants and have their own stores. At your traditional markets, do you know what pesticides they use to grow the food? Do you know how sanitary the conditions are?


I know green chile, dish looks like Chili Verde which I like.

The place(s) in Las Cruces we visit often is (First photo) when we in town are: Mariscos boca del rio y comida Mexicana (Mexican Seafood Place, not so much New Mexican), second one is La Posta De Mesilla (A New Mexican- Mexican place). Not as modern as your photos as La Posta De Mesilla is in Old Town area. Maybe not the best places in town but local staff eat with there often.

In El Paso: I like Dead Beach Brewery cafe/beer bar in the city centre as well nice coffee houses like: District Coffee Co. [District Coffee Co. - Google Maps],-106.4865621,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipNd0LxAYDaGZ5JMt0JqzPCGJW4qSQljZQXSFAV6!2e10!3e12!!7i4032!8i3024!4m5!3m4!1s0x86e75902673e025f:0x7394ef8023f2d8c2!8m2!3d31.7592158!4d-106.48636

Anayways, as mentioned we had good food and drink in El Paso (and across the boarder visiting the tech park some good food nearby). In Denver, we have gone to Smash Burger as local host liked it and said it’s local as they brought to Chipotle (Denver based Mexican fast food). As far Nobu I think it maybe nice Japanese-American chain restaurant been there another city and more than our pre diem budget for our travel budget.

Sorry I know you’re not asking me, but I want to guess anaheim peppers?

Why have I always thought Delaware is the thinnest state?

Have he ever been in Germany?

Is it true that Americans put too much cheese on Mexican food?

. …Everything


Yes green chile is made with a variety of anaheim peppers grown in Hatch, New Mexico, or Pueblo Colorado for the Colorado variety. But hatch green chiles are the most well known. The difference is they are much hotter than a regular anaheim.

No idea. I don’t know much about Delaware other than it’s a tax haven. Here are the top 5. Colorado is a health obsessed state with towns like Steamboat boasting some of the most olympians. You will see people cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, jogging, trail running everywhere.


Yes I’m quite fond of Munich. Although German food gets a bad wrap sometimes there’s good food in Munich for sure. Also a big fan of Austria seems to have a similar outdoor culture to Colorado (like Salzburg).

Tex-Mex has the reputation of too much cheese.

Smash Burger and Chipotle are fast casual national chains you can eat anywhere. There are a lot that have started in Denver because it’s an alternative to unhealthy fast food. That brings up a good point as the point of fast casual is healthy, sustainably sourced ingredients. If you want fast casual (cheaper food), try Motomaki (mix between japanese and poke) or Mod Market.

If you want suggestions next time in Denver, I can give you a list. I know the Taiwanese places too. There’s an old couple Taiwanese couple that makes the best beef noodle soup in Denver and their son started a brewery that used Taiwanese ingredients in all of his brews.

Beautiful restaurant in a nice little town with an old cathedral. I don’t remember how the food is but it’s a good place to take tourists.