Mexican/TexMex restaurant with manly meat portions


The portions were better and I suspect Andrew would be happy in that regard especially if he goes for the double meat.

My barometer is Mexican food made by Mexicans in Texas and Mexico. Fair? Probably not, but nonetheless I just didn’t like it. Others might, give it a try, it’s all relative.


I’ve been in Taiwan too long because I get over-excited when something resembles Mexican food. Neither Nala’s or twinkeyx is true Mexican but there are hints and the quality is good.


Happy to read good reviews on Nala’s place.


My take on Nala’s is not based on Mexican food made by Mexicans in Texas or in Mexico (though I did live in the SF Bay Area and ate my share of burritos).

My take is instead based on the heavy use of a) processed, frozen, unfresh ingredients in the terrible “Western food” in Taiwan in the bad old days (trust me on this); and b) tainted oil, expired ingredients and other disgusting stuff in “Taiwanese food” served in Taiwan today.

Based on these benchmarks, Nala deserves credit for delivering fresh tasty unprocessed food. It’s not going to make me forget the Mission District (let’s be serious here) but it will make me a regular customer.



Tried eddys today. I liked it. I wouldn’t call the portions “manly” but at least it was tasty and the staff was friendly and cool. I was near TAS in Tianmu so I thought I’d give it a try.

I will try nalas next. It’s actually pretty close to my house.


I tried Macho Tacos the other day, despite the few negative comments I read here. I take them to heart but I do like to make up my own mind. Perhaps because my expectations were already low, I didn’t really find any major problems with them. It tasted decent and the portions weren’t exactly small. Basically what I’d expect for the kind of money I spent (in Taiwan, at least). If I had to pick something, I’d say the tacos were a little pricey. Regular sized burrito was good. I like that I was asked whether or not I wanted corn because I really prefer it without.

We aren’t exactly spoiled for choice here, unfortunately. Not that that’s an excuse to open a lame tex-mex shop, of course.

I’ve always wanted to try Eddy’s but I’m never in the area. I may make a special trip one day.


Went to eddys again. It’s been so long since I had Mexican food that I craved more. It’s tasty but again, I had to spend around 600nt to fill me up. I miss chipotle.


I swung by Nala’s again for dinner tonight, and for the first time I started to understand why some posters may not be fully enthusiastic.

For the first time, my burrito was made by someone other than Nala. The ingredients were of the same quality as before, but the assembly was not–the tortilla was not as thoroughly toasted/warmed, the lettuce occupied more space in the burrito, and the whole affair was lashed with Vietnamese chile sauce (!), something that completely changed the taste from what I had before.

I still respect this place for the quality ingredients, reasonable prices, and friendly service, but it’s also clear that there are some quality control issues when different people are preparing the food. I hope this can get straightened out!



@Andrew0409 Right? They’re as good as mexican food gets in tdubs, but the last time I was there the bill racked up to over $800.

@afterspivak Try eddy’s cantina… Pricey but if you really need some of the good stuff, they’re it.


I tried the tacos at corner office today. They were decent, a hit pricey, 320$ for 3 tacos.


Fuck macho taco. I gave them another chance because I was really craving tacos and it’s my day off. My backs killing me so badly I Just wanted to rest. Fucked up my order and didn’t give me salsa. How am I suppose to eat it without salsa


Macho Taco sucks. Last time I made a comment here, a girl on their staff sent me insulting private messages. So get ready.


Can you share in public? Or is that violating some forum rules?


lol. The owner is in my circle of friends. So I got to hear it in real life. KOR offered me a job, half way during my talks with them. one of the owners who owns macho taco talked about why I said negative things about macho taco. That was the main reason for me turning them down. I can’t believe how unprofessional that was, it has nothing to do with KOR. You got your feelings hurt because I think your taco is Shit? Now you bring it up trying to get me to work for you. No thanks. Go make me a taco if you want me to change my mind.


They stopped caring about 6 months after they opened. The all you can eat taco Tuesday at The Local has been pretty good.


Yep, I commented about how good they are after they opened. I was really excited. Told all my friends. Then within a year, downhill.


Tried El Sabroso near Taipower Building today. Not bad at all, and very reasonable prices at $150 for 3 tacos on Tuesdays (bit more other days). I may go back for a quesadilla tomorrow.


Be aware that El Sabroso has tacos only on Tuesdays.

On the other days they’re open, you can try their rocking good burritos or quesadillas! :smiley:

Further discussion of this joint is available here:



Tried out Taco Monkeys in Zhongli a couple nights ago. Was a little expensive for what it was. I got 3 tacos (added 1 because the set only comes with 2), fries, soup, and a drink for around NT$300.

The tacos weren’t very big and the only option they had for beef was steak/cubed. I prefer a spicy ground beef and they didn’t use very good cuts of beef. But the other ingredients seemed fresh.

Fries were really good with some spicy Mexican seasoning.

Soup was like a Mexican minestrone. Not bad, but a bit oily.

The drink was excellent! I’ve never had horchata before, so not sure about the authenticity of this one. But it was cinnamon and delicious! Don’t often get anything cinnamon flavored in Taiwan.

I’ll go back for the horchata alone and give some of their other food items a shot. The quesadillas looked good.

They definitely chose the name around the local baseball franchise, The Lamigo Monkeys. Staff were all wearing Lamigo shirts and they had a couple of other Lamigo accents in their decor.


in there an extrea meat option?