Mexican tourist Visa for ROC passport holder?

Has anyone done it? Does it have to be done in a Mexican representative office in Taiwan or it can be done at a overseas Mexican Consulate office as well, for those residing in Taiwan but are currently traveling overseas?
I know that prior to 2012 ROC passport holders requires an US visa to visit US, and Mexico’s policy allows holders of US visas and green cards to enter without a visa even if they otherwise require a visa to enter Mexico. Though since late 2012 while US became Visa exempt for ROC passport holders with ROC ID numbers, however Mexico still requires visa for ROC passport holders. Without a US visa Mexico would not allow an ROC passport holder in with an ROC passport unless they have a Mexican Visa. I know someone who wants to make a sidetrip to Mexico and might even want to travel on a plane that connects through Mexico’s Tijuana. Though I heard those using the new cross border express in that airport which allows them to enter the US, must first pass through Mexican immigration control first, before gaining access to US immigration and passport control.

So anyone have experience getting a tourist visa to Mexico with an ROC passport? If so is the process ardious?