Mexico prefers to export its poor, not uplift them

Mexico prefers to export its poor, not uplift them

At this week’s summit, failed reforms under Fox should be the issue, not US actions.

By George W. Grayson

WILLIAMSBURG, VA. – At the parleys this week with his US and Canadian counterparts in Canc

Yes, but its so much more fun to rip the U.S., whatever their policy is, besides, you get a much bigger audience that way. God forbid we actually put pressure on Mexico to solve a few problems…

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Well, illegals are a gift if you are a citrus grower in California. At least they want to work and not sit around like White Trash eating Doritos, fucking like rabbits, and drinking Bud Lite on the taxpayers’ dime.

But they better not try to solve them by working with that Chaves charecter, or then they’ll really get it.

The borders are wide open and the US governmnet has no plans to prevent Illegals entering.
There are pro mexican groups in the US who advocate the killing of all white males in the US.

Does the government do anything about them?

What about the thousands of illegals protesting recently?
Where any rounded up?

However the government is accusing every american of being a potential terrorist.

And people actually repsect polititians.

Haven’t been reading the news lately, huh?

Bush &Co. have more money than we thought

You think that will stop anything?

Most of that money will go to the companies (who backed bush and kerry) who get the contracts and millions of $$$ will vanish. I bet one of the companies is Haliburton.

If they were really serious about closing the border they’d build a wall akin to the one the Israelis are building and have 10,000 troops manning the border.

Don’t ask me, ask your congressman/woman. Personally, I’ve learned a loooong time ago, that human will is a very tough thing to conquer.