Mexico Sabroso (Zhongli)

Hi all,

Posting for a good friend who has opened an authentic Mexican eatery in Chung Li. The lao ban’s name is Isa Bayardo. He’s been in Taiwan for around ten years off and on, mostly teaching. For the last year, he’s had the itch to share some of the cooking he brought in for his students/coworkers with a wider audience.

Mexico Sabroso has been open for just over a month. It’s a very close to Chung Yuan University (the Christian one) in Chung Li - we’ll try to get a map up (paging Truant?). If you are on the road to Chung Yuan, the last traffic light before the entrance is where you want to turn left. Proceed about 50 meters, and you’ll see the place on your right - it’s set a little off the road, so just keep your eyes open. He’s got ample seating - room for 40 or so (though it does fill up at dinner time) - as well as take out.

The prices are great - here’s the menu (that is currently being expanded):

Best of all, the food is authentically prepared on the premises, including the salsas.

Isa’s got plans to add entertainment and such in the future, but is concentrating on the food and service at the moment. He’ll likely post something here once he gets a bit of time free - some of the family will be here in the next week from Mexico to give him a hand.

If you’re in the area, check it out.

Looks good enough for a trip to Chungli for sure. No chance of a bigger photo? I can’t read that one. Also, how come no-one seems interested in Mexican dishes other than the taco/tortilla/tostada-based ones?
I’d DEFINITELY make the journey for some shrimp or swordfish veracruz, for example. Or a nice mole. Come on, you Mexicans! You all know perfectly well there’s an absolute wealth of wonderful dishes out there.

Sorry - working on a Chinese based computer. Can likely do better tonight/tomorrow. Any reason why the photo doesn’t expand when you mouse over - I thought that feature would help?

With a bigger photo, his email will be visible:

I don’t know exactly what his plans are for menu expansion, but feel free to email him, or ask if you drop in. Perhaps he can do something up.

By the way, the hours are 11-2:30 for lunch, and 5-8 for dinner. Open seven days a week at this point.

Well, it would be a bit impudent to ask him to expand his menu before I’ve even been there! But for sure I’ll maybe mention it when I make it down there for a meal. Maybe some cochinita pibii done with achiote and cooked in a banana leaf – or how about mole Oaxaqueno, with the bananas in?

Think I’ve got things figured out.

Note that the only feasible car parking in the area is under Chung Yuan Elementary School, which is only a two minute walk away.

xtrain, please check out this google map , if it’s correct, I’ll make up a static one, but that one is good for zooming out and panning around.

that sir, is perfect.

the restaurant is almost directly across from the family mart on that _____ de street (can’t make out the word). you need to walk another ten steps past the FM, and you’ll see the sign (remember that it’s off the road a little, but still easy to spot).

sandman, if you’re planning to go, let me know approx when. unfortunately, i don’t make it out to taipei much, but i’ll join you for a taco and a beer.

[quote=“sandman”]Also, how come no-one seems interested in Mexican dishes other than the taco/tortilla/tostada-based ones?
I’d DEFINITELY make the journey for some shrimp or swordfish veracruz, for example. Or a nice mole. Come on, you Mexicans! You all know perfectly well there’s an absolute wealth of wonderful dishes out there.[/quote]

oooh Tamales. :homer:

Absolutely. Don’t know when it’ll be though – I’m pretty well-booked up for the next couple of weekends.

Hello everyone! Im glad to have the chance to bring you genuine mexican food to Taiwan, Im from Mexico and I am here to make the type of food you can only get inside Mexico. Come, it will be a memory you will remember always with a smile and wanting to have it again and again… Pics of dishes coming up…

Cheers everyone and FELIZ NAVIDAD!


And a great big hola to you too, Isa. Hope to see you soon!

This is a nice place. Only disappointment was that some - prominent - dishes were unavailable. Still, the several dishes we ordered were delicious. Some very spicy too - too spicy for some however. You might ask customers how spicy they want it - or they might be hesitant to return. Anyway, I love spicy foods like this. And you’re not stingy with ingredients. Very well done.

I hope you will keep up the good work! Very nice addition to the variety of restaurants in Zhongli.

Hello everyone, Im Isa, I would like to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Also, please visit our new website, all suggestions and comments wellcome!

Best Wishes!

Isa and the Mexico Sabroso Team

Hello Ectoplasma, thank you very much for stoping by and commenting on our services, we always welcome suggestions on how to be better. We have changed the salsas. Now they are all mild spicy and tell customers if they like it more spicy, we will gladly make it that way for them ^^ Also, please let us know what more dishes would you like us to have, we can practically have anything mexican. We will import a huge number of ingredients direct from Mexico in the near future and will serve lots and lots of dishes 100% mexican style.

Best Holidays!


Isa, be the 1st to bring some good menudo here for the borrachos on Saturday and Sunday morning!

y some tripas fritas!


I can’t wait to try your place. But that one response-man, I would’ve hoped you would’ve said something like “we’ll keep everything authentically spicy, but tone it down for those who want it less so.”

Now you’re on a dangerous slippery slope. Taiwanese have the among the blandest palate known to mankind, which is why your place is such a godsend to the rest of us. Went to your website, sure looks good!

I agree with Prince Roy. Please keep it as authentic as possible. Like I said, I loved the spiciness.

Hello there friends, Starting January 2nd, ( we will close on jan 1st ) we will have adobo and tacos de tripas fritas, always genuine, nothing less, and for those who love spicy salsas, at anyone moment, we have the spiciest salsas made daily and ready for you, just ask our waitress, she will let us know back in the kitchen ^^ See you at Mexico Sabroso!

Esto SI es Mexico!

A couple of shots to show you what’s on offer:

The exterior.

The interior.



Set meal.

I believe the extra help (family from Mexico) is coming this week, which will help Isa to ensure that they don’t run out of anything.

Increase your spend a little and use proper lettuce. Lose the iceberg, which is an abomination sent by Satan to try us!
The tripe tacos sure sound good, though.