Miaoli County

Good article I found on Nanzhuang and Beipu.

formosatravel.net/top-storie … towns.html

Wookie, I’m glad you said the 124 is a great cycling road. I’ve been planning to ride it when I have some time (do the whole mess of roads) but Feiren had me discouraged saying weekend traffic was bad. I’ve been to the area many times by car and never found conditions bad.

Cool side route with a bike shoulder just past Sanwan. Pops you off right at the start of the road into Nanzhuang. More direct path than the 124 and as it is quite an open road the scenery is outstanding.

BTW, has anyone else been out to Emei Lake? That monastery looks uncannily like the new airport’s plans. :laughing:

Traffic was never a problem both times I rode the 124, but it rarely is for me because I ride early mornings.
Actually, I’ve never encountered much traffic in that area. I was down in Nanzhuang just six weeks ago on a Sunday and there was hardly any traffic to speak of. Perhaps when it’s strawberry picking season the roads might be a bit more congested. :ponder:

I’ll have to check out that new side road, thanks. The 124 is a great road to ride, but the road from San Wan in, is just too narrow, I wouldn’t even ride it mid week.

That’s good to hear. Here’s a pic of the bike route. Basically just past Sanwan and past the turn for the 124 you’ll see a sign for a bike path. It’s this road. About 10km and connects with the 124 just before Nanzhuang.

The 37 from Beipu is also a cool leafy quiet road. And the backroads from Emei are pretty and you get to pass by this oddity:

[quote=“Mucha Man”] It’s this road.


I thought so. I drove on it the last time I was down that way.

[quote=“Mucha Man”] … you get to pass by this oddity:


So that’s what they were building. I rode past that site about a year ago.

Good bike riding in that area of Maioli. :thumbsup: