Miaoli Pics and Info

I’m looking for photographs taken in Miaoli and any anecdotes about your time spent there.



I have a box of slides from there that I took on a media junket last year – mountains, fruit growers, strawberry pickin’, hotsprings, art stuff…that sort of thing (but I don’t know how that helps you, unless you want to buy them : ) I also published the story in a magazine. I will try to find a copy of the text and forward it to you.

Motorbiked to Shitoushan (steep hill with many temples) on the Miaoli-Hsinchu (Xinzhu) border a couple of times and got some nice photos.

I have photos of a Hakka folklore and pomelo festival I happened on by accident, at Longteng Broken Bridge. A local government-employed tour guide I met there was kind enough to take me around the Xinsheng Train Station/Sanyi Woodcarving Street area for a few hours for free and even bought me some noodles. I can show you where there’s a small farmhouse under a hill with a very small temple/shrine next to it. Apparently the hill resembled a turtle with its flipper over the farmhouse, meaning it was threatening the farm’s livelihood. The temple was built to appease or ward off the turtle.

Don’t know at all if that’s the stuff you’re interested in. I have digital scans or negatives only - no slides.

I live in a small town in northern Miaoli County five days a week. I’ve been to lots of beaches and climbed lots of mountains in Miaoli County, but I have never got around to taking any pictures. However, I can tell you anything you want to know about Miaoli County.