Michael Moore did Canadian Bacon?

Damn. I loved Canadian Bacon and the director was… Michael Moore!!!

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Correction: John Candy also appeared in “Wagons East”, but died before completion of filming.

I liked Canadian Bacon, but the movie was hurt real bad by the excision of the Canadian prime minister’s part.

Interestingly, this movie came out before “Wag the Dog,” which had essentially the same premise. (President slips in polls due to his own misbehavior, starts war against unlikely opponent in order to make himself popular again.)

I heard that Michael Moore was going to do a follow-up comedy to Canadian Bacon, in which a U.S. president created a middle-eastern war on false grounds. However, Moore had to film it as a documentary instead.

Most people remember “South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut” as the main Canada-satirizing movie. However, those guys were originally going to have their theme be “Blame Africa”, and make the scapegoats a couple of trash-talking rap stars. Canada was substituted because hating Canada is inoffensive, and anyway, the concept of “Canada” is inherently comic–kind of like nuns.

Since you are talking about a piece of art this goes into the appropiate forum.

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I wouldn’t exactly call your average Hollywood comedy “art”.

Unless you’re pronouncing the “t” as an “se”