Michelle Yeoh: starship captain in Star Trek Discovery

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Got to hook the Chinese market (and Malay).

I don’t really see anything attractive or interesting about her.

Thank you. Never understood how she became a star…neither the looks nor the acting chops. Hard to believe she was Miss Malaysia, and her performance opposite Chow Yun-fat in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was truly cringe-worthy…some of the worst on-screen chemistry I’ve ever seen. I respect that she used to do all of her own stunts, but that’s about it.

You guys go watch Cop Story 3 with Jackie Chan and then get back to me. Ayayayayayyyyy

Yawn – looks too politically correct. It should be about alien fornication rather than a science vocabulary jerk off. The original series in the 60s captured that.

You mean the one that had the first interracial kiss ever broadcast on tv?

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Yeah, Spock getting it on with Rand, the short miniskirts, Kirk chasing green women, etc.

It was Kirk and Uhura.

It says a lot of this day and age that what Gene Rodenberry fought so hard to bring to life on the screen - diversity, people from different creeds, races and genders - is now seen as “feminazi liberal bs”. They have had female captains in most sci fi series and movies and now they complain?

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I know it was Kirk and Uhura. Kirk also chased the Orion green slave girl did he not? I am all for the different creeds, races, and genders – I just said I prefer the action (whether it is the romance or violence) over the techno-speak. I thought Captain Janeway was kind of bland compared with Kirk, Picard, Archer, etc. Does that make me sexist or a misogynist? Should I be sent to a re-education camp?

Why would it? Everybody has their favorite character. Even if you do not like her because she is a woman and you are a misogynist, that is your choice. While free speech gives you the right to insult, it also gives me the right to retort or tune out in return.

I’m psyched to learn that Michelle Yeoh is connected to the series. I’ve always been a fan of hers! Thanks for sharing this - you remind me to check-in on the progress of the new series :slight_smile:

Personally I didn’t like Janeway. She was just irritating, in the same sort of way Riker was irritating. Both characters seemed to walk around in a huge bubble of smugness.

OK, Kirk was smug too, but somehow the associated arrogance made it work :slight_smile:

Anyway, quite looking forward to seeing what Yeoh can do in Star Trek. The recent reboots have been mildly entertaining (although the last one was a bit shit) and I reckon she has the right demeanour for a starship captain.

What’s with the unlikely-sounding names, though? “Georgiou”? “Michael?”. Some sort of easter-egg tribute to the director’s favourite musician?

Is it just me or does that photo look like those two characters are on Tatooine or Jakku?

That’s a very Star Wars looking set photo…

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It’s a TV series, so short of money for props, I imagine. Nothing wrong with a bit of upcycling. :slight_smile:

yeah, but if you are gonna be trapped on a desert planet, at least dress like you are from the Star Trek universe…

That Star Trek Discovery photo looks like they are cos playing Rey from the Force Awakens.

well, to be fair, they do wear standard-issue uniforms in the trailer (at least while on the Enterprise). I guess they’re supposed to be in mufti, blending in with the natives or whatever. Maybe they actually are on Tatooine - you could probably spin a pretty good story out of that :slight_smile:

I’m also very saddened by the string of Star Trek “prequels” which seems to be the only thing they can come up with since the end of DS9. Discovery looks and feels like Enterprise in the reboot universe.

Yeah, TOS carries a lot of weight, but the people with the most buying power nowadays grew up with the Next Generation. If the power that be cannot come up with a new storyline in a new engaging setting, at least redo something in the Next Gen era, or at least post Kirk for Kahless and Surak’s sakes.

Oh well, the die is cast… Maybe they’ll get it right this time, but by the next time they can try again, the TNG generation, who are much more opened about a brand new setting and crew, will have aged significantly.

I liked Enterprise…The Vulcan chick was smoking hot (even more than the Borg chick), and it was a little rougher and action oriented than the very cerebral TNG, Voyager and DS9. Janeway came across like a preachy College Dean. Ironically, with the exception of the original series in the 60s, Enterprise had the next shortest run

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That’s why I said it’s just like Enterprise in the reboot universe. T’Pol was also smoking hot.

That’s what they set out to do in Enterprise as well. Enterprise was finally get back on track in its last season, so let’s hope ST:Discovery takes in the best part of ENT.

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Sorry, I am getting the names mixed up. I meant Enterprise. Definitely my favourite out of DS9, Voyager, and TNG.