Michigan legalizes medicinal marijuana

I remember when I got my absentee ballot a couple of months ago, I saw Michigan is proposing to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Well it passed. I’m kind of surprised. There are a lot of conservatives in Michigan, but it is considered a “blue state” because of the labor unions.


Michigan became the 13th state to legalise marijuana for medical use, while Massachusetts decriminalised possession of one ounce or less of the substance, making the offence punishable with a citation and a $100 fine.

Check out the rest of the article as it goes through some of the other state ballot measures that were passed.

Kid Rock should be all agog…

Him and my redneck uncle who smokes pot under his motorboat canvas during the winter.

I heard Mass. decriminalized possession. Denis Leary is all agog.

The way the car industry is these days, they need all the pain relief they can get.

Smoke two joints and call me in the morning.