Micro-ATX motherboards

Can anyone recommend a micro-ATX motherboard for the Athlon, preferably with onboard video that doesn’t eat up memory from the main RAM? Also, probably wise to avoid Nforce2 mobos because of the BIOS-killing issue.

I realize this is a weird place to ask, but I’ve asked in the usual places with no luck. :blush:

We have a good

Thanks; however, as I noted, I want to stay away from NForce2 motherboards, and that one is an NForce2 motherboard.

Overclocking isn’t on the agenda; this is for an elderly lady who is going to be impressed enough by getting a PC about 7-10 times faster than her current six year old P2 266MHz.

Ended up selecting a Biostar M7VIZ – cheap, stable, and uses the VIA KM400 chipset. NForce2 boards seem to have a problem with the BIOS getting corrupted; easy enough to fix if you’re a techie, not so easy if you’re an old bat who thinks digital clocks are high-tech, hence my avoidance in this case.