Micro Dosing Psilocybin

It sounds like a joke, but can you put on some music and see if that is a different experience? Maybe with some headphones. Maybe some Pink Floyd.


I may lower the dose because as I mentioned, I felt just slightly overwhelmed for about an hour, but it could also be just because it’s my first time but I would like to also try with a smaller dose and see if there’s any differences and if need be a slightly larger dose.

But besides that one hour period where it was just a little bit strange, my experience so far in a few hours is pretty positive with it with very little negative effects that I can think of

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That’s a good idea. I’ll put on my headphones and see if music add anything to the experience

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The site isn’t working for me right now, but presumably it’s just ground-up mushrooms or an extract dispersed in some kind of truffles, so alongside variations in potency “one gram” might not mean so much. Especially since the company seems to be specifically making products for microdosing.


If I ever took them I would say I never had a bad experience, the only bad experience I’ve heard of is people trying “heroic” doses to go on the ultimate trip which often turns into the ultimate nightmare. Don’t expect to sleep if you take them later in the day!

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Followed by another dose and this!


If I were to take them in the future (outside Taiwan), I think I’d be doing it in a hotel room (low floor, no balcony, enough food and drink) by myself or with one or two close friends, just lying on the bed listening to music.

Doing it outside in a public place surrounded by strangers last time was borderline too much (for my friend). They kicked in in the middle of dinner with a band playing, and my friend couldn’t move for like 2–3 hours. :grimacing:


I could so micro dose to that. BTW, I think this live documentation of a shroom trip is a first for the flob. Maybe not, though.

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1 gram is more than a microdose, but isn’t much. The taste is awful, some people put them on pizza, I have heard any dairy will help them go down. The active compound is water soluble, so tea is a common method: boil them for a while, strain out the mushrooms, and make a strong cup of sweet tea

Then remember that

So @Andrew0409 that’s a tiny dose, you won’t feel a thing, it’ll be a perfectly normal day and no one will even guess you’re on the shrooms! Enjoy!


Truffles are the sclerotia of magic mushrooms, a hardened part of the fruiting body. They’re a bit less potent than the usual shrooms, and sold in the Netherlands to take advantage of a legal loophole.


Ah okay. Like I said the site wasn’t working so I couldn’t see the product, and I thought it meant truffles in the food sense (my friend had them dispersed in a piece of chocolate).

One gram sounds about right for a microdose, but probably too much if it’s your first time…which it looks like @Andrew0409 is experiencing.

So it’s about the end of my workday. I might do some other stuff later this evening, but generally, I got what I wanted to do done today.

Overall, I will say the experience has been positive, although perhaps not as life-changing as I thought it might have been. I tried to go into this open minded and without changing up my routine too much.

Like I said in the beginning, I started to feel something around the 30 minute to 45 minute mark and at first it was a little bit overwhelming, but not Scary or something that put me off of it. It was just a little bit more than I thought I was going to feel at first, but as I mentioned, I settled into it about an hour or 30 minute into it and started my workflow as normally.

In terms of the benefits, I will say the two that was most noticeable was the good mood and energy. Wasn’t euphoric, but it was more like a positive feeling. The energy almost felt like Adderall, but without any of the negative downsides such as Jitteriness or anxiousness or the lack of appetite. I’m not sure if it made me focus better but it made boring work a lot more tolerable for sure. I’m not sure creativity in anyway, but I will experiment further with that side later on.

I didn’t experience anything that I would put in the negative category.

I felt like the effects were noticeable for about six hours and not really anything afterwards. I wouldn’t call the effect subtle but it also didn’t feel Too much at any point where I regretted or got scared. I was 100% able to go about my day normally and I don’t think anyone was suspect I was on Psilocybin.

I’m interested in experiencing this doing other things besides work such as working out or any other athletic activity and perhaps other leisure activities such as playing a game.


Good idea. For most commercial species, 1g certainly isn’t a micro dose. As super mentioned above, thats a small dose, not micro. Especially if mixed with something that could potentiate it, like say a bunch of citrus beforehand. The point of microdose is to not have any sort of psychedelic effects and just have some chemistry changes that wouldn’t impair normal acrltivity. 1g divided into an entire week’s sounds like a more micro idea. Less is the key. keeps the oppressive people at bay. But also just seems more like a nutrition that helps brain activity come back to “normal”.


I am always interested in Paul stamets research. For people that prefer podcasts over reading journal styled stuff, this seems quite relevant to this thread. Aside from all his other interviews, Ted etc.

Outside of of the blue shrooms, it is also quite interesting how well educated Taiwan is about mushrooms as far as brain works, immune systems, nutrition etc etc. And yet demonizes these species due to them having enlightening properties. It’s a complete mystery as to the logic of the oxy moron.

So I took another dose of 1g of truffles. I was told because the truffles are more moist in the package, it’s not the same as if they’re dried and it’s a reasonable dose to start. I didn’t feel it being slightly overwhelming this time. Didn’t really “feel” anything that’s noticeable this time like I took something.

The same concept for mushrooms. The grams dosage will depend on if they’re dried and made into a powder for example.

I actually took it for a different purpose of gaming. I wanted to see if it gave me a competitive advantage in gaming but I didn’t notice any tbh.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and tbh it made it very tolerable. I was in a good mood doing things I usually dread and procrastinate doing.

So far the most beneficial effects of micro dosing psilocybin seems to be positivity and making mundane tasks easier to do. Which in a way is a positive thing if you have ADHD as one of the issues with it is that procrastination and the mundane tasks being very uncomfortable for the mind.

I will also try to experiment with exercise doing conditioning (which I hate but maybe this will make it more enjoyable) and weight lifting. And possibly doing Muay Thai to see if it has any benefits in that.


That’s great. The issue with fresh (which is no different than say vegetables, meat and anything else if we are calculation nutrition etc) is the wet weight varies considerably. Truffles vs fruiting caps are far more dense for example with the truffles. 100g of fresh mushroom dries down to 4-21g dried material. That means up to 96% of that weight is just water, which probably has no effects. Depending on species, growth medium, environment and harvesting practices (timing) and storage practices (dehydration as well as hydration), these water levels in the product can vary a LOT! Pine mushrooms, for example, get a premium for just post pin stage, due to shelf life. Fully extended caps rot fast and are cheap. But they also contain a WAY different actual mushroom material weight (dry weight). So the food value is also far different
. That goes for any mushroom really. Wild harvested stuff tends to be very strict on this due to logistics more than anything. But the nutrition is also affect a great deal as well.

In your example, just a thought exercise. Large fruiting species with fully extended caps (sporulating) will probably be more in the 90+ percentile of water weight. These are the most commonly cultivated ones of the types you guys are interested in. Where as truffles (underground firmer objects) might be in the 80 or 85+ percentile, wet weight. Bracket fungi might be 60% water weight due to their “woody” nature. Large amiunt of variablilty. The important factor is how much of the thing are you consuming, the water shouldn’t matter much (outside of degrading on post harvest processing and chemical changes). All that to say, if you eat fresh you actually do not know your dose in any sense of accuracy. Not possible without extensive lab testing every time you eat, which is not realistic. Thus why dried is better, in terms of just have a baseline data set, even though it is still very inaccurate based on other variables.

That’s not to say you shouldnt do it, more jsut to say you don’t know your dose. So don’t use that information for a reliable scale to either dose later or dose others, because it would be at all consistent or accurate. Also if you are driving, operating equipment, one should know this and make responsible decisions. It can be compared to drinking alcohol and not knowing the percent. You just have one can, but you don’t know if it’s 4% or 40%. This would(should) help make responsible decisions about say driving for example. All this doesn’t take into account the billions of other variables, but as a base, a known variety from the same growth method from the same producer and in dry form should be a bare minimum baseline for future referrence :slight_smile:

And this very very crude basic level of necessity is why it should be legal. Consistency and accuracy.

He must first prove himself to the Goddess by seeking her out…

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Seeing the beauty in the mundane, while doing errands and cleaning, is a huge win for microdosing any herb. I mean, a third of life (at least) is errands and cleaning, right? So if we hate that, we are hating on a huge part of life. I’ve been meditating on Seinfeld recently… and thinking how Jerry, Elaine etc throw themselves into the basics of life…

I have some visa red tape to sort out. All told, it will take me 10 hours. Do I loathe that time, or embrace it…? Seinfeld would do an entire episode called The Visa Run.

Now I wonder… why do we tell ourselves that Vitamin C, Barleygrass, Chamomile tea and Peppermint are “Not psychedelic”… where do we draw the line? Those 4 substances, in particular, are full of mystery- and good for ADHD. I realized, a while back, I got the same kick from a gram of Vit C, as a beer. Deep breathing and yoga breaths help too. If you did the Sun Moon breath on the MRT no one would look.

Truffles. Good idea. I wonder what other delights lie waiting in the diagonal vials of City Super… my heart yearns ever so slightly for Zhongxiao Fuxing, and the Taipei moonlight.

And yet it does not. This lazy river will suffice for now…