Microbusiness Idea (Testers Needed, will receive fresh baked muffins)

Hi guys, my girlfriend and I are launching a micro-business soon and we’re looking for people to help us test it out.

It’s a telephone hotline that helps people deal with situations where speaking Chinese is an obstacle. This could be big things like dealing with your landlord or going to the scooter mechanic, or smaller things like having a pizza delivered or directing / ordering taxis.

Anyway, we have a few more spots available for our free test and would LOVE to hear what you thought afterwards. Plus, we hope you’ll find it useful.

You can contact us directly at taiwanhelpline@gmail.com or visit us online at www.TaiwanHelpline.com

Thanks everybody :bow:

ps - Fresh baked muffins will be mailed out to all testers ASAP.