MicroCars - A Fun Idea

Enter…Qdos Cars

And at 550cc they qualify for roads here on the island.
Looks quite fun!

And they also have electric cars and a scooter.

I’m all in favour of oddball mini cars of any description… those offroad-ish ones look like fun…

In Taiwan they’d never work though, the “govt” wouldn’t be able to resist their standard practice foibles… they’d undoubtedly ban them for a few years, then legalise them but insist that they are treated as scooters and can only park in scooter bays and ban them from using only the exit ramps of the freeways or something suchlike… TW “govt” suffers from massive mental constipation when it comes to anything other than a 4 door sedan or a 125 scooter… :unamused:

saw a sports car type version of one of those “smart” cars the other day, so small lol. wouldn’t dare to drive it in taipei.

That car is perfect for Taipei! If everyone just drove those…

The SMART is also very good… as I’ve seen it park in many places other cars could never hope to fit.

However, with either of these cars, I’d be afraid to take them on freeways and expressways where blue trucks lurk…

If you could spare 50 inches, you can get a lotus elise :stuck_out_tongue: just dont get hit heh