Microsoft Releases Vista Beta 2 into the wild

You might have heard that microsoft is allowing anyone to download the beta 2 of vista … fault.mspx

just wanted to know if anyone has tried it yet? i basically want to know if it is stable enought to use as a main OS yet.

Will it stop working after 14 days?

hmmm…not sure, it didn’t mention it. that would suck if true.

The previous Beta’s did.
But there were ways to activate it.
I doubt this one will last forever.

[quote=“JoeyJoJoJnrShabadu”]i basically want to know if it is stable enought to use as a main OS yet.[/quote]I wouldn’t, There’s bound to be some incompatabilities with old software. Best to install it on another disc/partition and keep your exsisting OS.

some say it will work for a year. it’s said to be very buggy and slow. yeah… vista’s not ready. it will surely be delayed another few months.

If you really want to understand Windows Vista, read this review: … w-winvista

(Before you complain, notice the date it was published.)

VISTA= Virus Infection with Spyware, Trojan and Adware

No it’s not to be used as the main OS they write and if you download it they will also send you an e-mail when the RC1 is available and you can download this one too … I have it already written to DVD, it’s 4 GB and will probably try to install it but I need to be sure I can multi OS boot with this one …

They also warn that the RC1 can possibly not be upgrade to the final release version once it’s in the stores … making you to have it clean installed again.

Well I took the jump and installed Vista … looks very nice and totally different from the previous versions of windows but I wonder how we should evaluate if there are no drivers available for all our periferals or on board devices on motherboards …