Microsoft WORD ** horizontal file **

Using Microsoft WORD, I have occasionally needed to type a document, or make a chart, in the horizontal format.

Due to my limited computer knowledge, this has been a problem.

However, I was able to find a suitable .doc file recently in this horizontal format, and so I deleted all the content and saved it to disc as a .dot file … which can be put in the /Templates/ subdirectory, so that it is always available.

(If you are looking for this /Templates/ subdirectory on your computer, please be advised that you have to look under “system files”, otherwise it won’t show up … )

So, anyway, I have posted the file here. If you want you can save it to your computer in the /Templates/ subdirectory. In that case it would have the .dot extension.

Alternatively, you can save it somewhere else as a regular .doc file, so it is there if you need it.

(The format is .doc, which is fully compatible with Microsoft WORD. )

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