Mid-Atlantic or "Harvard" accents

Anyone got any good info on this? I am thinking more of the situation in the US rather than Brits trying to put on an American accent to sound cool (Dave Lee Travis). Haven’t been able to find much on the internet. (I have been watching Frasier, you see…)

I presume modern American thesps no longer bother with this?

Does anyone in the US actually talk like this?

Only snobs do.

I throw the floor open to snobs.

How is an American trying using Received Pronunciation suppose to be cool?

Mid-Alantic accent is mostly been replaced by non-regional accent (Standard American pronounciation) in the USA. The last public figure that had a noticeable mid-Alantic accent in the US was Pres. Roosevelt.

Maybe a New York accent would be considered cool.

Are you talking about Harvard accents or Mid-Atlantic accents? Harvard is not located in a Mid-Atlantic State and as such is not a Mid-Atlantic accent.

We talk another kind of mid-Atlantic in Bristol.

I myself love most of the NorthEastern (as well as the NorthWestern) US accents. A label such as ‘Mid-Atlantic’ sounds even more pretentious than a ‘Harvard’ Accent.
You’d think the English invented the bloody language, they way they carry on such…