Mid-life crisis purchase required - ideas?

Yeah, that. I’m, well just a slob. I bought some chicken on the sketchier shootier side of town and some lady asked me if I was the guy worked at the car wash. I am transitioning to non-cut off jean shorts. it’s 60-40 for right now. I see pictures and feel shame. :grimacing:


If you start with 1 push-up and 1 sit-up and do 1 more rep each day (of the same exercise or a different place one), 365 days later you’ll look and feel very different

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I used this style of training and I can now carry full grown cows on my back. Started with a calf.


First of all, how old are you now?

When are you taking me? (for a boat trip)

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Buy a used 50cc scooter and take it up to Alishan.


Age checks before selling your DVD’s.
Thats a good policy, you dont want to get in trouble.


I’m not fat, just a slob. But, thanks!

What if she points to your hands?

Hello Milo!

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1992, are you some sort of internet pretend old man? If that birth date is correct you should be doing lines off strippers’ midriffs right now.

Anyway, some very sensible and practical suggestions given so far. I am going a little more traditional. Some bagpipes. Or maybe a home beer brewing rig.


a gas grill bbq, with a pizza oven on top.

a separate room for my stuff, or maybe even a separate apartment by the beach to go and chill when i want some peace and quiet.



Oh God no! What self-respecting motorcyclist would be seen anywhere near that abomination of a machine?


I’d say a gold Rolex. Cheaper than a sports car. Don’t have to worry about where to park it.

Isn’t a gold watch a retirement present?

How old do you want people to think you are? 70 or 45?


Hair plugs and a hip replacement.

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Hookers and a rented submarine!

Or so I have heard . . .


A cheap, everyman’s convertible. More fun and smiles than the money it costs. Trust me. I’ve got six, all in the US, because Taiwan has an aversion to manual transmission and an automatic transmission just isn’t the same thing.


Wait that means there are two more!?!

If so, going through a mid-life crisis in Taiwan will not be cheap.


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