Middle-aged singles in Kaohsiung?

Anyone know where one might socialize with middle-aged singles in Kaohsiung? I mean for dating and/or meeting new friends of similar generation, could be foreign or local (my Mandarin is halfway decent).

I’m not into bars since I don’t drink. I might go if there was the right crowd, but I’ve been to a few and feel like I’m old enough to be their dad (same goes for Meetup groups and the like, and there aren’t that many in Kaohsiung, especially not ones that interest me, they’re mostly just techie stuff).

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It’s getting more and more common for older people to use dating apps. I can’t imagine it’s easy meet other people around that age group not married.

You mean in Kaohsiung? Which app would that be? It’s not OKcupid for sure.

Anyway, an app would be a last resort because I find it more interesting to meet people in-real-life. Also, I suppose dating apps are only for dating.

I should add that I’m open to meeting not only single people (for socializing), but if singles are in abundance, that would be better.

Perhaps taking evening or weekend classes at a local college? You might find something that interests you.

Unfortunately, my Mandarin isn’t good enough to understand classes not in English. Also, my experience with classes elsewhere is that there’s the generational issue again (I’m old enough to be their dad).

My impression is that the options in Kaohsiung are limited as compared with Taipei. If someone has personal experience with Kaohsiung then I’d be most interested to know what you found.

I think there is just a shortage of middle-aged singles in general. Have to work harder to find the fewer.

I notice them a lot sitting in coffee shops in the afternoons or evenings because they have nothing to do.

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There’s a lot of single ‘middle aged’ ladies in Taiwan…That’s what the stats say.
You probably should use more of the dating apps as that is what most people use here.
I’m not sure how active these older single people are in socialising or dating, some of them are home birds . The ones I know don’t share with me, which is characteristic of many Taiwanese. They’ll ask you a lot of personal questions but share very little about themselves.

That’s true. Just seem a bit challenging to locate.

Would suggest Tinder. You can set the ages you want to match with.

Oh, how I envy them.


This is true in coffee cafes in Kaoshiung (and Taipei, japan, ect…). You just need be talkative with interesting topics (I think not being from here, (ie local) helps as people are curious , not be shy) but not everyone wants to talk so it may take time but people are out there. About meetup , we have a group here and do have friends from it. It does not meet often, quite a few members but most are not active but enough are that some groups maybe worthwhile to visit.

Hiking groups

Evening language lessons, like French or Japanese

Hobby places where you learn painting or pottery or tea appreciation

Pet groups. Animal protection groups.

Coffee places often arrange concerts or poetry readings or something artistic. That gives you a topic to break the ice.

Volunteer in your neighborhood. Anything from cleaning the streets to whatever gets you in the neighbors good graces. The elderly have daughters. Or friends. Or friends of friends.


It’s harder for folks with little to medium Chinese. But I guess some of those are feasible for sure.

Has anyone actually tried any of the above suggestions in Kaohsiung? If so, what did you experience there? Did you find a relationship or friendship that lasted beyond your involvement in that activity/event/venue? (I mean you, and I mean in Kaohsiung.)

Just interested to know what people found in their own experience in this city, thanks.

Have you checked FB? It’s popular with your age groups these days. Part of the reason why young people moved away from Facebook. There are likely Facebook groups about meet ups and things of that nature.

Yes, In Kaoshiung (I am here about 60% of my time). Meet up(small group ones), coffee cafes, I am older single. My problem is I am not always here as I do a work related travel and matching schedules can be a problem. Long term most Single people get married (have kids, move away, ect) is my biggest reason older local friends see me less, but us long term local Single do go out. More hints, join groups for things you like.
I am kinda foodie, love coffee (espresso/short black) so there are Meet up groups in Kaoshiung, also LINE groups(my Chinese is poor but other local friends help me with Line groups) , Facebook (but as mentioned seems getting less popular in TW), IG So as a foodie we find new places to eat (always new places) and there are so many coffee cafes to try. yes people come and go out of the groups but I have kept in touch with some and know some them for years.

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I’m also interested in this topic.

I haven’t found good options.

The meetup.com events are few and far between, plus pretty barren when you get there; Facebook is focused mainly on Chinese-language stuff (naturally); there’s couchsurfing events but not really the same crowd (mostly backpackers and young locals trying to learn English).

My analysis is that there aren’t that many English speakers here (especially foreigners), and the ones that do are usually busy doing stuff “in Chinese” with their friends or at those “in Chinese” events.

I think conceptually, @Icon has it right, but practically applying that is a different story. Finding those places. With English. :man_shrugging:

I hope people can chime in with specific suggestions too.

Ok English:


The drinking group with a running problem

And hobby groups do not need that much language ability

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Dating apps suck. Unless you have fake supermodel pictures and fake bio about how rich you are nobody will answer. Even the ugliest of girls gets a million message within seconds because there’s maybe 10 girls for 1000 guys on dating apps.

This Facebook app seems to be the best source for finding events and activities in Taiwan.