Middle eastern food in Taipei?

Are there any middle eastern restaurants in Taipei? I miss food like falafel, hummus, and Turkish pide…

[Iranian Restaurant?

The link will take you to info about an Iranian restaurant.

ichun, Citizen Cain has an AMAZING falafel hummus pita that can tide you over till you find what you are looking for.

Wow, thanks for the info guys! :slight_smile:

wow, may have to chack that out.

U might like to check this out to find the right answer :wink:


Suprisingly enough Grandma Nitties (not sure about the spelling but it’s in Shi-Da night market) has a good falafal sandwich with a great cucumber sauce. As for persian heaven the kababs are ok I have been there once and being used to the persian food in LA I won’t be going back. I still can’t get over the fact that you can substitue mashed potatoes for rice.

uhmmm…mashed potatos… :lick: