Middle Eastern Food


do you guys know any places where they offered Middle Eastern Food, as in Keobbe, Yogurt Drink, Assyrian Rice w/ this red powder…


A sad, sad dearth of N. African/Middle Eastern fare in Taiwan. I got my bi-annual fix in Germany in August – Moroccan, Lebanese, Tunisian, Syrian… yummmmm!

There used to be one Moroccan place in Taipei, but I don’t know if its still there or not, or if it was any good. It got some good reviews, I seem to recall.

Anyone know the address if its still in existence?

That Moroccan place was still there the last time I checked many moons ago. It is in an alley right behind the Hong Guo Building (next to Chang Gung hospital) on Tun Hwa No Rd and Changchun Rds.

Seemed to do only one meat stew (with sinew still on meat Chinese style, very oily, overcooked vegetables and shitty plums and figs). Actually, for all practical purposes, it tasted and looked just like one of these Taiwanese biandang stews that they slop over rice and serve by the 100s.

Must find out from my friend where she got her ingredients. Just had an excellent Moroccan menu. The pickled lemons and figs were off the chart.


Did that Turkish restaurant ever reopen? I think I ran across the old site with the name Istanbul. Then I read a post somewhere that it had reopened maybe in Tianmu or Neihu.

Anyone have the fyi on that?

there was a place on hsinyi near guangfu run by a syrian guy, that was a few years ago don’t know if it’s still there.

That Turkish place seemed to specialize in only kabobs and vegetable casseroles of a highly mediocre nature.

As to Germany Sandman: You should try getting it straight from the source. One good thing about the French is that they left some very good cooking behind in Lebanon and Syria. Ditto for the influences that crept into Moroccan cooking.

We were originally planning to charter a yacht and sail it from Sicily to Tunisia, but the prices at that time of year were prohibitive. Maybe next year.

It might be cheaper to rent a boat in Naples rather than Trapani. Just a suggestion. I realize of course that it would mean having to sail down the Amalfi coast. You’ll just have to deal with that unfortunate variable. Hell what am I saying. When you go next year, let me know and maybe I will help you find a boat…

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