Migrants Protest for Basic Rights

[quote]Migrants rally for basic rights

2006-05-01 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Chang Ling-yin
A protester clashes with police while trying to put a banner on the wall at a demonstration in front of the Council of Labor Affairs yesterday to protest against the discrimination of migrant workers and Chinese brides./RICK YI, TAIWAN NEWS
On the eve of Labor Day, about 100 labor rights advocates, Chinese spouses and migrant workers launched a demonstration to fight for the improvement of their rights in Taiwan.

Some protesters even clashed with the police after they were prevented from changing the Council of Labor Affairs’ name on an outdoor poster to “Council that Discriminates against Workers.”

The protest was held because of dissatisfaction with the CLA’s new policy to crack down harder on illegal migrant workers. The activists urged the council to revoke punishments imposed on illegal migrants who ran away or went missing because they were often ill-treated or exploited.

They also urged that migrant workers should have the right to change their employers freely. [/quote]

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