Migrants: the ongoing struggle

I decided to start a new thread for discussion of the current struggles of migrant workers in Taiwan as well as updates from Migrante Sectoral Party and Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants. Here’s the latest:

Salute the Migrants in FPC

We salute the migrant workers at Formosa Plastics Corporation (FPC) in Mailiao, Yun Lin County for gaining three more concessions from their management last night. This was the result of their collective actions to assert their rights even if their company and the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) have declared that their strike had already ended on March 14.

On the night of March 16, almost 200 Filipino workers went out of the South Gate of their plant to meet migrant advocates for a public meeting. It was very clear that the workers were still restive and defied management and even police by going out of their compound without a pass. Representatives of management had to negotiate with the workers and the advocates and took down their demands.

The next day, more than a dozen migrant advocates held a protest action in front of the CLA demanding that the problems of the workers should be solved. They stated that if these were not met, the migrants most probably would hold another strike. The workers have done this three times before in less than a year