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Mila Earth bodycare is made in small fresh batches at home to ensure freshness. Products can be customized for allergies and special needs. We make safe products for your whole family. All our products are safe and effective for every member of your family. Please share with us your sensitivities, needs or health concerns so that we may best suggest, create ,or customize products that truly suit your needs.

暢銷商品 新產品

Products that everyone should have for a healthy life are highlighted in yellow

Solid Perfume: a thick balm or a stick which can be carried in the purse. There is no risk of spilling. Solid perfumes are child safe. They can be applied to the neck, chest or the wrist. Solid perfumes contain sweet almond oil and bees wax plus essential oils.

Luna 3 ml stick fresh modern scent 200 each
月神 3ml 時尚清新香 200元

Happy 3 ml stick floral and light 200 each

Fleur 3 ml stick light floral with lavender and rose base notes 200 each
芙蓉 3ml 淡薰衣草花香佐玫瑰基調 200元

UNO 3 ml stick l CK one copy (uni-sex) 200 each
唯一 3ml 凱文克萊香(中性) 200元

KALOO 3 ml stick l citcus magic 200 each

Perfume spray: this is a spray. It is light and natural. A perfect substitute to store bought perfume. It is available in: LUNA, MAYA, FLEUR, and UNO
香水噴霧:自然清新的噴霧,也是香水的完美替代品,有月神/瑪雅/芙蓉/唯一 四種選擇。
Spray: 15 ml very concentrated 500 each
噴霧型 15ml 500元
Perfume Roll on: It is light and natural. It has an almond oil base. A perfect substitute to store bought perfume. It is available in: LUNA, MAYA, FLEUR, and UNO
自然清新的滾珠瓶,以杏仁油基地。也是香水的完美替代品,有月神/瑪雅/芙蓉/唯一 四種選擇。
Roll on: 8 ml 350 each
滾珠瓶 8 ml 350 元
Bath bombs
relax buttons: contain: baking soda, corn starch, witch hazel, a splash of alcohol (for drying faster and harder), (clay or carrot seed extract or beet extract for colour) essential oils and borax
relax buttons (10 pieces) 300 each
cold and flu bath bombs: : baking soda, corn starch, witch hazel, a splash of alcohol (for drying faster and harder), (clay or carrot seed extract or beet extract for colour) essential oils and borax. The cold and flu bath bombs melt and infuse the air and your bath with the magical oil mix for the well loves cold and nasal oil. It is powerful and fun way to ease aches and pains and increase your immune response.
cold and flu bath bombs (10 pieces) 350 each
invigorating bath bombs: contain: baking soda, corn starch, witch hazel, a splash of alcohol (for drying faster and harder), (clay or carrot seed extract or beet extract for colour) essential oils and borax
invigorating bath bombs (10 pieces) 300 each

Lip balms and body balms
Lip balm: a rich, deep hydrating lip balm. The base is almond oil and cocoa butter. There is also lanolin to protect your skin against the elements. lavender and chamomile or apple
唇膏:是一種滋潤深層的保濕唇膏。以杏仁油和可可油為基底,加入綿羊油保護你的皮膚。有茶樹/茉莉花/薰衣草/ 甘菊 四種選擇
Lip balm 3 ml stick 200 each
唇膏 3 ml 200 元
Plumping Lip balm: a rich, deep hydrating lip balm with cinnamon. The base is almond oil and cocoa butter. This lip balm has all the great benefits of our traditional but it also stimulates and plumps up your lips. It has a wonderful cinnamon smell and the stimulating effects of cinnamon as well. Right after you apply it , it will tingle a little and slowly it will increase the circulation in your lips. Your lips will be a little pinker and plump up.
plump balm 3 ml stick 220 each
強效滋潤型唇膏 3 ml 220 元
tinted balm: a rich, deep hydrating lip balm with a light red/brown tint. This is the perfect guilt free lipstick. It is so hydrating and nourishing, but it also gives you shine and colour. The base is almond oil and cocoa butter. There is also lanolin to protect your skin against the elements. Chamomile scent and soothing properties
tinted balm 3 ml stick 250 each
漿果口味唇膏3 ml 250元
Chili Muscle rub: a soft balm about the consistency of tiger balm, but all natural and sweeter smelling. There is no petroleum jelly in this, unlike over the counter products. It soothes sore muscles and reduces inflammation and pain. It only slightly warms to the skin, but relieves quickly. The secret ingredient is black pepper oil and infused chili oil . It also contains sage, rosemary, basil, thyme and peppermint.
Chili Muscle rub 30 ml balm 600 each
肌肉舒緩軟膏30 ml balm 600元
Chest and feet cold relief: a balm that may be applied to the bottom of feet, chest, behind the ears or neck for combating coughing or respiratory distress. It is safe for children. It contains Eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and clove. Eucalyptus and peppermint are the active ingredients in Vicks vapor rub. It works quickly to ease breathing and promotes comfort and a good night sleep. * When I apply this to my daughters soles while she sleeps, within 3 minutes she is breathing quietly. The soles of the feet absorb the essential oils through the skin. It is a lovely way of giving your child medicine, without disturbing them.
祛寒溫潤軟膏:適用於胸口和腳底,減緩寒冷的不適感,亦可以應用於咳嗽或呼吸不順,塗抹在耳朵或脖子後面也很舒服。適用於兒童。成分包含桉樹,薄荷,迷迭香和丁香。它能迅速緩解呼吸不順以提升舒適和良好的夜間睡眠。 *當我為我的女兒使用這項產品時,在3分鐘內,她就能平順地呼吸並安然入睡。這種方法可透過皮膚吸收而不打擾孩子們的睡眠。
Chest and feet 30ml balm 550 each
祛寒溫潤軟膏 30ml 550元
Baby belly mint rub: pure and simple. This is a light belly balm. It is the same consistency as the Chest and feet balm, but it only has mint. Rub it on your baby’s belly to relieve gas and ease the tummy. There are many kinds of mint. The mint I use is recommended by all the sites. No one likes to hear their baby cry. This ought to help.
Baby belly mint rub 30ml balm 500 each
寶寶肚子薄荷膏 30ml 500 元
melt away cellulite scrub with java: Coffee usually causes cellulite. In our case, coffee helps to eliminate the bumpy enemy. Simply take the rich cream base during a shower and scrub away on the affected areas. This scrub will smooth out your skin along with a good healthy lifestyle and nutritional program.
Contains: organic coffee, lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, cypress, lemongrass, basil, thyme, black pepper, almond oil. Coconut oil and purified water
java scrub : 130 ml tub 740 each
java消脂磨砂乳霜:130 ml 740 元
Age defy : The anti-wrinkle cream and scar cream .This is a medium weight cream suitable for most skin types. It is good as a day cream and a night cream depending if you live in the tropics or not. If you could buy only one cream, this is the one to get. The anti-wrinkle cream has rosehip oil, rose, rose water, ceramide (which depletes as we age), frankincense, sandalwood, . ONLY THE BEST
Age defy: 30 ml tub 700 each
Age defy with hydra: The anti-wrinkle cream with super hydration properties. The anti-wrinkle cream has rosehip oil, rose, rose water, ceramide (which depletes as we age), frankincense, sandalwood, avocado oil, lanolin, pure water, lavender. ONLY THE BEST
Age defy: 30 ml tub 700 each
凍齡抗皺霜:30 ml 700元
Chamomile day cream: It is based in avocado oil which is full of vitamin E. It has chamomile and lavender oil that hydrate and soothe. This is a lovely baby cream or day cream. It is wonderful to use on the whole family. Natural goodness.
Day cream: 30 ml tub 600 each
洋甘菊日霜:30 ml 600 元
gentle cream: It is based in avocado oil which is full of vitamin E. This cream can be a day or a night cream for young skin. For more mature skin, I would suggest the age defy for night time use. It is especially formulated for sensitive skin and Rosacea. It can be applied to every body part, but to the skin and decolage it will promote uniformity of tone and skin elasticity.
It contains Rosewood, Geranium, Chamomile, Lavender, Neroli, Clary Sage, Purified water, Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, and bee’s wax.
gentle cream: 30 ml tub 650 each
溫和乳霜:30 ml 650元
hydra healing cream: It is based in coconut oil, avocado oil ,which is full of vitamin E, and lanolin. This is a deep hydrating and protective cream. It can protect your cheeks from getting chapped. It can be used on heels, elbows, hands, lips, or nipples. It can soothe very dry areas and protect them for the future. (Lavender and Chamomile)
• This cream is a wonderful treatment for Eczema. It soothes and hydrates. Use several times a day on affected areas. It STOPS ITCHING and heals the skin.
Hydra: 30 ml tub 600 each
美肌修護霜:30 ml 600元
SUNDREAM: sundream is a natural sunscreen with an SPF of about 20. It contains wheat germ oil which has an SPF of 20 and carrot seed oils which has an SPF of 36. It hydrates and moisturizes. It also has green tea and coconut which both have natural SPF factors.
Contains: wheat germ oil, zinc, coconut oil, lanolin, bees wax, carrot seed oil, green tea extract, vitamin E, purified water
sundream: 30 ml tub 700 each
Anti-Fungal cream: this cream was made for my brother, who wrestles. He get ring worm from the mats all the time. The recipe contains strong, yet gentle oils that fight the fungus and bacteria. It can be used for ring worm, or athlete’s foot, or even as prevention. It could be a unique way to moisturize your hands while killing the germs out in public.
Anti-fungal cream: 30 ml TUB 500 each
抗菌霜: 30 ml 500 元
Aloelicious : This is new ALOELICIOUS multipurpose lotion. It is a light lotion/day cream that is also great after sun care. It has orange, mandarin and grapefruit essential oils, almond oil, lanolin, aloe, witch hazel, h2o and vitamin E. If you even remotely like any of my creams, you will love this one.
aloelicious: 100ml 700 each
Natural Deodorant : a cream based deodorant that you use sparingly to KILL all odor. Scoop out about ¼ of a teaspoon and rub in between two hands. Then rub what is on your hands to your underarms. A little works a long way. If the deodorant is too strong for you. Add more oil into yours so that you use less at a time and stretch your product (any natural oil: olive, rice bran, coconut, almond, avocado). Contains: baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, coconut butter, vitamin E, bees wax. ( bees wax can be removed for vegans) and a choice of scent . Scents can be chamomile, lavender, uno, luna, fleur, or a mix of available essential oils)
Natural deodorant: 100ml 400 each
Body butter : a natural bodybutter that is great for everyone but especially great for children with eczema. This body butter can be used on the face or the body to alleviate symptoms and ease eczema. It contains: tallow, avocado oil, aloe, bee wax, lanolin, lavender
Body butter: 120ml 1000 each
Magnesium Body butter : a natural bodybutter that contains Magnesium rich water. Apply to your body post bath, or to the soles of your feet to absorb the natural Magnesium.Magensium is responsible for 350 processes in your body and vital to your well being. Helps with sleep as well and keeping calm. It contains: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Magnesium Sulfate,bee wax Water and lavender.
Magnesium Body butter: 120ml 800 each

Intense healing and age defying treatments
Rehydration therapy: This is a night cream , an eye cream and an extreme rejuvenator. It contains rosehip oil , lanolin, bee’s wax and tallow. Results can be felt within 24 hours and it leaves the skin soft and hydrated. This is a special order item. It takes time to prepare.
Rehydration therapy: 15 ml TUB 600 each
rehydration therapy: 30 ml TUB 1000 each
time machine: This is a treatment to stimulate more collagen production and combat the effects of aging and pollution. Results will vary, but basically with your improved collagen and hydration of the skin it should reduce or remove wrinkles and elasticity of the skin. The time Machine is Huyluronic acid in a 30 ml vial and a vitamin C in a 30 min vial. To apply you take one applicator full of each liquid and squirt into the palm of your hand. Use one finger to mix both together and apply to face, neck and chest. This treatment is best at night but it can be used twice a day for optimal results. One package lasts about a month. I keep both of them in the refrigerator, but only the vitamin C needs to be refrigerated. If shipping is required you will get the vitamin C powder and liquid separately and it will need shaking in the jar (I do this to optimize the freshness).
Time machine: two 30 ml vials 800 each
Epson Salts: 450 grams of pure Magnesium Sulfate to add into your bath. Add this regularly into your bath to release sore muscles, get your magnesium and perhaps gain clarity of mind. Uses: detox, reduce rate of heart attack, relieve pain and inflammation, and general health.
Epson salts: 450 g bag 100 each ( buy 4 and pay 75 each)

Girl’s best friend PMS AID: This super powerful small hero will save your life. It contains: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Lavadula Angustifolia, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmin,Clary Sage , Rosemary, Grapefruit. It will calm, sooth, ease and relax both mind and body
Girl’s best friend PMS AID: 8 ml 400 each
女孩的死黨:8 ml 4 400 元
Calm and focus oil: a magic potion for children to help them calm down and focus. This strong essential oil formula is used by therapists to help attention deficit disorder and help kids focus. To be rolled on the bottom of the feet at night and during the day.
Calm and focus oil: 8 ml 800 each
Headache rescue: a roll on oil formula that can be breathed in or applied to the temples, forehead or head. It contains lovely French Lavender. Lavender calms and relaxes, but it also relieves pain. The formula also contains Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Jasmine. If one feels a headache coming on, this works quickly and affectively, while promoting a calm mind.
Headache roll on: 8 ml 400 each
頭痛掰掰油:8 ml 400 元
Immune booster: during cold season we all need a little help. This booster takes 6 immune boosting oils and packs a punch. It is safe to use for children. It can be used anywhere on the body. I would suggest that when you feel a cold coming on to rub it liberally on the soles of the feet before bed or even during the day. Wear thick socks while the oil soaks into your body. This formula contains oil of oregano, tea tree, lemon, thyme, eucalyptus, and lavender.
Booster roll on: 8 ml 400 each
免疫增進者:8 ml 400 元
Clear skin: this is an oil mixture of Frankincense, lemon, and castor oil and almond oil. Since ancient times, people have been using frankincense to lighten age spots and clear up skin problems. This oil mixture will lighten and slowly clear up any skin problems. It is great for acne, blackheads, white heads and any skin discoloration. It is in an easy to carry container so you can apply it several times a day. It is to be applied twice a day to the affected areas. As with all natural products, the lightning and results will take some time. It is very gentle and non-irritating.
Clear skin: 8 ml roll on 250 each
淨膚油:8 ml 250 元
After-BITE: a new product by demand of Taiwan mosquitos. It contains Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea tree and Witch Hazel. Please shake before rolling on. It is quite strong. (50% pure oils)
針對台灣蚊子開發的一項新產品。它包含桉樹,薰衣草,茶樹,金縷梅。使用前請搖勻滾動。效果相當強烈。 (50%純精油)
Roll on: 8 ml 300 each
8 ml 300 元
Magic sticks: magic sticks contain Eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint, pine and rosemary. They are in a solid stick balm. Magic sticks can be used as inhalers to clear your nose and promote breathing. They can also be applied to the chest, temples, neck, or feet to promote good circulation and fight colds. Magic sticks can also be applied to the back of the neck for muscle relief or relief from the heat. They are strong and pack a punch.
Magic stick: 3 ml stick 200 each or oil roll on for 400 nt
魔棒: 3 ml 200 元
EASE sticks: The Ease stick contains a muscle and joint oil formula. You can use it while traveling or on the go. You can rub it on your neck or back. At home the muscle rub is best, but this is something that can help you and you can easily have some relief on the go. The small size container and the hard stick are perfect for relief on public transit or a day out. (Contains: Rosemary, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Pine)
緩和棒:含有使肌肉和關節疏緩的配方。可以使用它擦在您的脖子或者後背。居家、旅途中使您有一定的緩解。小尺寸的容器和緩和棒完美結合。 (成分包含:迷迭香,冬青樹,桉樹,黑胡椒,松)
ease stick: 3 ml stick 200 each or oil roll on for 400 nt
緩和棒:3 ml 200 元
rescue sticks: this stick is the same lip balm size as the Ease and Magic. It is SAFE during pregnancy because it contains floral scents. It will ease headaches. It is also formulated to lift your spirit and balance your emotions. Rub on the temples or your neck. Breathe deeply. (Contains: lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit)
救援棒:唇膏大小方便使用。適用於懷孕期間的孕婦,因為它包含花香。亦能緩解頭痛。也能安定您的情緒。擦你的脈搏或脖子上然後深呼吸。 (包含:薰衣草,佛手柑,檸檬,葡萄柚)
Rescue stick: 3 ml stick 200 each or oil roll on for 400 nt
救援棒:3 ml 200元

• MAGIC STICK, RESCUE STICK, and EASE stick can be converted to a VEGAN oil ROLL on. This form is actually quite strong a wonderfully healing and soothing. Any roll on product is 400 nt a piece. It is a glass applicator that is so easy to roll on.
Anti-fungal / anti-bacteria spray: this is a spray. You can spray various surfaces or your hands. It has anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal oils and witch hazel as a base. It smells great and it is gentle on the skin. Witch hazel is a natural skin tonic, so it is safe even on baby skin.
Anti-fungal / anti-bacteria spray: 24 ml 400 each
抗真菌/抗細菌噴霧: 24 ml 400 元
Buzz off spray: this is a mosquito and bug repellent. It has a Witch Hazel base, which is gentle even for kids. It contains citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus oil, castor oil, clove oil, and rosemary. Nice and strong, yet gentle.
Spray: 24 ml 350 each
防蚊噴霧:24 ml 350 元
Magnesium SPRAY: This is a simple water and magnesium solution to use post bath. You spray 10-20 spray over your body and let it dry for a few minutes. This gives your skin a coat of magnesium to allow your skin to absorb it. This is an easy and fast solution if you cannot have an EPSON SALT bath several times a week.
Magnesium Spray: 100 ml 400 each

body and bath oil: a lovely blend that can be used on your baby, on you, and in the bath. The oil contains Avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, lavender, and soothing chamomile.
Body and bath oil: 250 ml 700 each
身體及沐浴油:250 ml 700元
Nasal aid and cold oil: strong therapy oil that is 50% pure essential oil. It contains all the great cold fighting oils and immune boosting oil. One can place 20 drops in a steaming hot bath to soothe a cold, aid a runny nose or just make your immune system stronger. It is also great in a steamer or an inhaler.
Cold oil: 35 ml 600 each
禦寒疏通鼻油:35 ml 600元
Varicose and spider vein treatment oil: It contains: Wheat germ, Hazelnut, coconut, Castor, lemon, oil arvensis, cypress, geranium, oil Egyptian , lavender, frankincense, tea tree. If you have Varicose Veins please gently dab the oil on the area and massage upwards towards the heart around the area. Spider Veins can be massaged gently again towards the heart.
To prevent and restore vein health ,drink 8 oz. of pineapple or berry juice every day. Also add cold and hot hydro therapy to your daily routine.
V & S Treatment oil: 250 ml 1100 each
靜脈曲張和蜘蛛靜脈護理油:250 ml 1100元
Smooth: anti-cellulite treatment : It is full of amazing goodness and it is super strong. Detox, release and smooth. Massage this oil onto the affected areas. Remember to drink lots of water and exercise. With strong natural botanicals your fat will dissolve. contains : lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, cypress,lemongrass, basil, thyme, blackpepper, almond oil. castor, coconut oil
smooth treatment: 250 ml 900 each
滑嫩油:250 ml 900元
5 thieves oil mix : 5 thieves is an age old pure essential oil mix. It is detoxing, immune boosting and cleansing. This is a must for every infuser and bath.
The essential oils of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon were tested at Weber State University (Utah) and found to have a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.
5 thieves: 20 ml 700 each

Pomade : a large container of a smooth and silky hair pomade made from only natural goodness. This is used to control unruly hair or simply smooth down a hairstyle, It is applied to the hands and distributed between your palms and then spread on your hair.
Contains: JOJOBA oil, coconut oil, wax and essential oils
pomade: 100 ml 600each
hot hair oil : an amazing hair treatment to nourish, replenish and revitalize. It contains jojoba oil, coconut, and carrot seed oil. To maximize this product add a tablespoon of this oil and mix it with an egg. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you are vegan, you can mash some avocado into the oil as well, or just use the warm oil on its own. Contains: JOJOBA oil, coconut oil, wax and essential oils
hot hair oil: 100 ml 650each