Military Conscription for Overseas Chinese?

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I am Overseas Chinese and I have a question regarding about military conscription in Taiwan.

Is it possible for me to join Taiwan’s Military ? If it is possible what should I do in order to join ?

All reply and thoughts would be helpful to me

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I am coming to Taiwan this September in order to study for my Master Degree

Are you considered a Taiwan national? If so, yes. If not, I don’t think so. Check Article 3 here

Nationality Act:

Are you a ROC national or PRC national?

I am neither PRC nor ROC nationals

I am Indonesian Chinese to be exact but will study in Taiwan as overseas chinese student if that helps

Then you have no obligation to the ROC to complete military conscription. That is only for males under 35 that are ROC nationals.

thanks for your reply , i understand if i do not have any obligation to serve , but since i am willing to serve , is there anyway for me to do that ?

Then what you are talking about is not military conscription. You are trying to enlist with the ROC military and be obligated to a contract of many years that you can not break unless discharged or face desertion charges in military court. I believe you need to become a ROC citizen to enlist. Or at the very least be a permanent resident. I am not clear on that. But I know in the US you have to be a citizen or hold a green card to serve.

We have another thread about that:

Ah i see , pardon me for confusing you , yup that is what i meant.

Thanks for the information. I have read both however since i am “overseas chinese” could i still serve in Taiwan’s armed force since the article did not mention anything about it at all ?

My interpretation is no. You have to be a Taiwan national, or under limited conditions a national of China, Hong Kong or Macao.

You are not an “overseas Chinese” from what I understand. You just happen to have “Chinese heritage” It also probably doesn’t help calling yourself over overseas Chinese “中国华侨” since the PRC mostly now referred to as China is still at war technically with the ROC which is referred to as Taiwan.

I don’t think that’s quite right; the Taiwan government does recognize “華僑” as a concept, with a number of privileges attached, and “overseas Chinese” is the accepted translation. It doesn’t seem to have any bearing on this situation though.

Exactly , i have read some of the concepts of “Overseas Chinese” since i am going to be known as overseas chinese student in my university. Therefore i am trying to get into Taiwan’s Military under that title which i hope possible.

What nationality are you?

Act of Military Service for Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers (Amended) [2013]

Article 3
Owing to the Military needs of the National Defense, the following persons may volunteer to participate in the selection, receiving basic training with completing qualified service, taking to Volunteers Enlisted Soldiers:

  1. Being inducted to take Standing Soldier Service in the military camp or Substitute Services.
  2. Reserve Service of Standing Soldier.
  3. Other nationals of the statutory age.
    People from Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao residents should be set up in Taiwan, the membership of less than 20 years before they may participate in the selection of the Volunteers Enlisted Soldiers.
    The selection of Volunteers Enlisted Soldiers should consider the military required expertise; their selection criteria, procedures, and the camp program, training, assessment and retire training camp remain in service conditions and other relevant issues shall be determined by the Ministry of National Defense.

志願士兵服役條例 (民國 102 年 01 月 02 日 修正)
第 3 條
三、其他適齡之 國民

The interpretation of “nationals” (short for “ROC nationals”) is the question here.

The last part indicates that there should be a subsidiary regulation in the MND’s database that doesn’t necessarily have the parent law in its title but mentions in its first Article that it’s established in accordance with the parent law.

Indonesian Nationality

ROC nationals are defined specifically at the beginning of the Nationality Act I linked to above.

Reading the post, seems that i have to personally go to Taiwan in the first place and ask them by myself

Anyway thanks for the information , really appreiate it

Just out of curiosity why would you try to join the military here?