Military Coup in Burkina Faso?

We have families that came over from BF years ago. Messed up then too as I recall.

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Seems like everyone is just, like … “Oh, another coup in Burkina Faso. How interesting.”

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the corridors of African power. What on earth is the point of this endless squabbling? Don’t people have anything better to do?

This caught my eye because a number of my former buxiban students hold Burkina Faso passports. They come from wealthy families and they bought–I mean, uh, met the requirements for–this passport so their kids could attend international schools here.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers to these dual citizens who certainly must be distraught at this news :cactus:


Burkina Faso. Now is that a cool name or what !

It’s kinda like what happens when you Mendocino too much

Then you Ouagadougou

It’s like when Muslims are forced from their country due to war, rape, endless violence and T525 greets them at the airport with, “Noice hijabs!” :wink: