Millennials are about to inherit huge amount: good or bad for Taiwan's future?

Yeah but new builds suck too. I was so surprised to notice just how far the ADA and sufficient emergency exits has gone in the US. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, good luck fitting a wheelchair into an elevator of a new build at all and if the one stairwell is blocked, you can just die up there in your castle in the sky cuz there’s usually not a second one.

Young people don’t work because their parents encourage them not to. They go off and get multiple graduate degrees in nothing useful instead. This is a problem for society on the whole because it means no one is learning any of the skills needed for society to function — you need construction workers, plumbers, electricians, etc. to build and fix things. You also need nurses and other healthcare aids to look after aging, sick, and disabled individuals. Children don’t learn to read and do math without being taught, so having teachers is not optional. And who’s gunna make you your latte every morning when someone is too incompetent to make it themself? Deliver the already prepared meal? If “everyone” is too wealthy to need to work, society is more or less going to collapse from the lack of workers


In the past, the blue collar professionals were treated as low class, and the money wasn’t good either. I’d say in the last 5 years, they realized that they were underpaid and that people don’t have the skills to do what they do, so the labour cost had skyrocketed.

This is, sadly, what I have been observing over the years as well :frowning: we gotta push hard the other direction! Everyone has a duty, a responsibility. As a community. We are a social species of animal, this is undeniable. Our breeding success has proven this exact point. At this moment in time, we are lucky enough to be allowed the choice to choose how we push. History has taught us this luxury is in fact…a luxury. Let’s not squander it!