Miltownkid is back on his pills

I just had a wonderful action packed ride of a manic episode. Having had 2 such epidsodes in the past I was no stranger to these. Learning more about qi (chi) and things I had a stronger understanding of what was going on this time around. What is/was what my original draw to Taiwan (aka a part of China) is for Chinese medicine and to one day have a good understanding of it and how it can be used to help battle deseases (sp?) like my own.

The other 2 times I worked myself off of the meds by myself. This time I’m going to stick with western medicine for a long while and hope to find an “all natural”, qi packed result that will get me back off of the meds or mabye I’m in it for the long haul this time, who knows (because I sure don’t). I really want to get this qi stuff figured out. There’s something to it that I’d like to have a deeper understanding of. I did end up getting my hands on some Chinese medicine, but alas it was too little too late.

I’d like to dedicate this last piece to anyone that was connected to me through something I was boiling up in my mind that fizzled away. And to say I’ll be back to gameclub next week (this time wearing my usual :smiley: ).

Thank you forumosa for being there for me.

miltownkid (Casey Payne)


For what it’s worth, I was a psychiatric and general nurse for quite sometime. I started my psychiatric nursing as a fresh faced 17 year-old. I’m also qualified in Chinese medicine. If the mania you are referring to is what I’m suspecting then western meds and stay on them. By all means pursue other options but leave the western meds as your core.
(But do remember the caveat, this is a web chat not a clinic - nice heads up . . was it Mother T?)

Funnily enough it was years of nursing and through that a fascination for anatomy and physiology coupled with the qi I could feel through then oodles of wing chun training that led me to study Chinese medicine. I couldn’t undertsand why such an obvious force was not somehow appreciated in western physiology.

Good to see you back



You know MK, there’re more than a few of us on this forum.

Maybe, we should all get together. If we’re ever all in the mood at the same time.


Hope that you are feeling better, MK.

Hang in there. As Huang Guang Chen suggested, perhaps it is best to keep the “Western” drugs as the core treatment while you investigate the Chinese approach. Also, as stated earlier, this is not a medical forum, and I certainly have no medical training.

But I certainly do want to wish the best for you these next days, weeks, and months. One breath at a time.

Submitting my emotional “problems” to western medicine almost destroyed me.The drugs are bad, in my opinion and often unecesary. I don’t know your situation, and i wish you the best. the only thing that works for me is being VERY diligent about my lifestyle. No drugs or booze, at least 8 hours sleep a night, A lot of cardiovascula exercise, meditation, and a diet that gives my body exactly what it needs and nothing that it wants. it was tough for a while, but i’m better off for it.
good luck!