Minced beef

I need some nice (lean) minced beef for preparing chili con carne, in Taipei city. :lick:

We checked Taiwanese supermarkets around, City Super, Jason’s, but no luck :s . I suppose I have to go to a butcher to order it? :ponder:

Recommendations? :neutral:

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iMart has minced beef sometimes. In any case, and if you want good minced beef and no “beef grease with traces of meat”, I would recommend you to go to the butcher in City Super, pick a nice beef steak, and ask the butcher to mince it for you. They will look at you funny and they will probably make comments about the “crazy waiguoren” that “ruins” a good steak, but you’ll get what you want, and the quality of the meat will be better than buying “minced meat” directly.

When I was back at home with my family, we used to do Steak Tartar every now and then, and even in Europe, the quality of the minced meat is not good, since most of it is grease and the spares you get from various cuts. What we did is what I described: choose a nice beef steak, and ask the butcher to mince it (twice) for us.

Costco for bulk beef;
Tianmu butcher for small amts minced beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb & duck

Thanks, I’ll try City Super first. Minced steak should be good!

You can get it at the traditional markets.

That said, it always seems to be that only the pork sellers have a mincer. So you either have the beef seller ‘mince’ it with a cleaver, which works OK but doesn’t quite give you mine. Or you have the pork seller mince it, which either means buying a token quantity of pork and putting that through the machine with the beef, or paying a token sum. Either way you’ll get traces of pork in the mince - not a bad thing for pasta sauces, chili con carne etc., but probably not what you want for steak tartar.

Supermarket is less of a pain in the arse. My local seems to have no mincer in the butchery though.

We’ve never seen minced beef at local markets, and we’ve been looking out for it for a while. But this afternoon I was lucky; they had minced ‘Australian Prime Angus Beef’, 299 nt$ for 300 gram at City Super (Zhongxiao Fuxing new Sogo). I’ll compromise on this higher price this time… We can have our chili, finally :lick:

You won’t ‘see’ minced beef in a traditional market. You just buy a piece of beef and ask them to mince it.

Yeah, as was said above they’ll do it with a cleaver. It’s always worked out OK for me.

Well, all you really need for minced beef is a steak, a knife and a cutting board.

Possibly a dumb question: what’s the difference between ground beef (fairly easy to find here, but not necessarily decent quality!) and minced beef? Or minced and “shredded”? Is minced somewhere between the two?

AFAIK minced and ground are the same (perhaps UK vs US). Shredded usually means cooked until falling apart, then separated with a fork, like for tacos.

AFAIK minced and ground are the same (perhaps UK vs US). Shredded usually means cooked until falling apart, then separated with a fork, like for tacos.[/quote]
OK, thanks. For “shredded”, I was thinking of the cut you sometimes get here, where the meat is in, um, strings, almost like from a play-dough extruder; I forget both the Chinese and the English labelling.

So in answer to the OP, lots of supermarkets have minced beef. I’ve only seen a fat content provided for the butcher in Tianmu (and in Wellman’s, which sells that butcher’s products) - and if I recall correctly, there’s no choice between different fat levels. I will never, ever buy minced beef from Quanlian/PXMart again. I haven’t had trouble with Carrefour or Wellcome or City Super or Jason’s minced beef, although some have. The main problem I have with it is that half the time they don’t provide the weight on the package!

But these days many cookbooks advise buying and mincing your own better quality cut (or having a butcher do so for you).

I tried that once but it turned out more time consuming that I’d expected. Was using a light and none-too-sharp cleaver though, maybe the wrong tool.

Some cookbooks assume you’ve got a stand mixer and a food grinder attachment, but that probably isn’t going to happen as long as I remain in a Taipei apartment kitchen. I like to think that’s not necessary, although I’m not sure if I’d have the patience enough to really mince it up with a knife.