Mini Cooper

Ok, so call me crazy…but I just finished watching “The Italian Job” for the 10th time.

That movie is sweet!

So now I’m convinced I have got to me one of those mini coopers…hehe :sunglasses:

My question: Do they sell them in Taiwan? Anyone seen a Mini Cooper dealer in Taipei or Kaohsiung? :thanks:

Common as dirt.
Also Nissan makes a very similar auto that is interesting.

Yep, they’re everywhere… The official importer, not surprisingly is Pan German Motors a.k.a BMW Taiwan… Any BMW dealer will be able to give you prices and catalogues… but IMHO they are overpriced in Taiwan… The nippy little Sports version is well over 1 mill and even the plane Jane versions are over 800K before options as I recall…

Naturally proper EU made and assembled cars are more than locally assembled Jap sedans, but if you’re going to put down the money for a well built EU car there’s options that give you far more car for your NT dollar…

But don’t listen to me… the best purchases are motivated by passion not critical thinking… :smiley:

ummmm, that is what i thought when i got with my ex the first time…hahaha… :fume: took me 4 years to financialy recover from that “motivated by passion” relationship. :astonished: Yikes! Learned that lesson the hard way.

Thanks for the advice on the car…I will let my passion simmer down.