Miniature Sun Yat-sen Statue

Like the monument in Chinatown Melbourne but minature.

Surely someone out there makes them.
The type for displaying on a desk or bookshelf.
I can find ones for Mao Ze Dong, but for Sun Yat-sen nothing turned up on Google shopping or eBay other than this very rare collector’s piece:

1 Like新品古玩銅器古董雜項收藏仿古工藝品商務風水擺件偉人孫中山銅像-i.134409438.7907389680

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Any bigger ones out there?
New link or the one @the_bear linked to限時優惠新品古玩銅器古董雜項收藏仿古工藝品商務風水擺件偉人孫中山銅像-i.143315143.3142178986
Search function on this site kind of sucks. Searching for 孫中山銅像 yields a few results but put 孫中山 as the search term and it yields no results at all. Doesn’t make sense.


This one is really nice but pricey【福來運】石灣陶瓷公仔偉人孫中山工藝擺件家居門廳玄-100813785344

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That sure is nice, though.

Have you been to the Handicraft Market? They have really good stuff.

Or the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall souvenir shop?

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I haven’t even been to Taiwan yet! One day.

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They may sell them at the gift shop of the CKS mausoleum outside of Daxi, Taoyuan County.

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