MiniDisc players for language study

Y’all probably already know about these, but I recently purchased an MD recorder (Sony MD walkman) and it’s just wonderful for language study:

**You can pull audio off the Internet (using an analog to digital cable connection out of your computer’s earphone jack) and record it on the MD, adding track divisions as you like. I usually put a new track between each paragraph, so that I can repeat easily without having to go through a lot of other stuff.

**You can begin from the beginning of any track easily, see the title of the track on the remote, and also “rewind” a few seconds to repeat somethign if you want. There’s also a pause button on the remote.

**Rechargable batteries: last all day for me listening pretty much whenever I’m walking around or on public transport, plus an evening session in McDonald’s or something.

**Just far more flexible than using cassettes. I’ll probably convert most of what I have on cassette to MD, as I’d probably even listen to it that way.

The only disadvantage I can see is that you cannot save the files back to your computer if you recorded them using the MD recorder analog to digital in the first place (or if somebody knows a way to do this, please let me know). MP3s can of course be moved back and forth. Getting some Chinese songs in MP3 might be another cool way to learn stuff.

Anyway, I know I’m way behind the curve but I’m so pleased with it!


Or you can get the Ripflash MP3 recorder and plug it right into your cassette player (or CD/VCD) and covert those old language tapes to MP3’s. And, of course, store them on your computer.

Check it out:ripflash MP3 recorder

I tried this recently too. I’ve got an MD on my stereo and also some pretty bad Taiwanese tapes. The vocabulary ont he tapes is all over the place. So I recorded the tapes onto MD and then spent a while totally rearrangeing the order and sticking in track divisions of about 5-10 useful vocabularies. Then I can stick one track on repeat. Pretty cool. Now I want to get a mic to plug in so I can get someone to record a few phrases for me. I also totally reccommend MD.


Hey Bri–

Are you in Taipei? Maybe we can get my language exchange to record some stuff for us. I’d like to have this kind of thing on MD too! She’s pretty busy but very accomodating when she can find the time, has a good clear accent in Taiwanese and is brilliant at explaining things, too!

Drop me a mail off-board if you like: