Minimal/deephouse/ trance

Hello Guys/Girls!

Im in Taipei since 3 months now and after a few hopeless tries Im finally asking for an advice. Looking for a good club or something!! Tried Luxy and a few others already, but they are not really my style. I cant really enjoy partying with wannabe super-models and the others, especially if the girls look like they are porcelain dolls and men look like girls should. Ohh and i also hate hip-hop(or at least what they call hip-hop nowdays), all sort of pop, indie and who knows what else style of music.
Would be interested in some minimal, deephouse or maybe trance. Thanx a lot everybody.

P.s.: pls dont feel offended by the “i dont like things” mentioned above. Just my opinion not prejudice.

I have a few suggestions that might make you happy. There aren’t really any clubs that play deep house or minimal on the regular, but there are some crews that throw some amazing parties that you might like.

Bass Kitchen:
Their next big event is June 29 with Tevo Howard

next event is this weekend with Cio D’Or

Also, The Wall in Gunguan has an outer area with video screens that sometimes have deeper/minimal nights. here’s a link to that

good luck

Marcus covers everything I’ve discovered since moving here. Sounds like our taste in music is really alike!

Here’s a deep house set from a new DJ who just moved to Taipei :wink: … fest-2013/

Thanks a lot guys guys!
Gonna check one sooooon! Maybe see You around :smiley:

Think Im gonna visit the Bass Kitchen on th 29th. Sounds like Im going to like it…
Probably even before that :smiley:

Simian Mobile Disco is here on the 13th. Marco Bailey a little later in the month. I also know of a full moon party on the summer solstice… more on that later.