Minimalist running shoe?

My old shoes are worn out beyond usefulness. So, I need to get some new shoes.

I’m not looking for Vibram Five Fingers. Just want a simple high performer with a single toe-box.
A good example is the NB Minimus series.

If you know any good shoe shops that may carry minimalist running shoes, please reply!
Thanks a lot for any help.

So I went to literally all the shops in Gong Guan. Many shops had Minimus shoes, but none in a size that fits me (either all too large or too small)

I picked up a couple pairs of Merrel Barefoot Trail gloves inside the Xingong Mitsukoshi at one of the department stores. Shop around and you’ll find something you like.

Try Yonghe. Dingxi MRT Exit 1, turn left, walk. There are half a dozen shoe stores within a few blocks.

I went to the Momentum shop in Shilin tonight. Fitting commercial shoes to my feet is just very hard. Too long and wrong heel shape for a woman’s shoe, and too narrow a forefoot and low an instep for an ordinary men’s shoe … Thanks for the responses, anyway!

Perhaps you should consider having your feet surgically reshaped to fit normal shoes.

Or thinking out of the box maybe? Have you got a pair of old Jeans in the cupboard?

Pretty minimalist but probably not for running…sorry