Minimium wage for Foreigners working in Broadcasting


Sounds like a lot of work for very little money.

I’d be pushing for at least 65,000 NT a month if I were you.


OP is from Singapore. Is there some kind of ethnic Chinese work-around for the minimum foreign wage?


@the_bear LMAO
I’m sure that isn’t this kind of restrictions.

Correct me if I’m wrong
Basic wage is 22K, wages per hour is 140 NTD
The minimum wage for white collar job (foreigners) - 47,971 NTD


I wouldn’t be so sure. Taiwan loves it’s overseas Chinese and cuts all sorts of deals for them. Although to be fair a reduced minimum wage isn’t much of a deal.



I know right.
But I don’t think that the employer is going to pay for 65K per month.


If this isn’t your first job do something else. Sounds like a grind.


This isn’t my first job
I like being in media. It is tiring for sure but it keeps me on my toes and thinking out of the boxes.


But surely that wage is extremely low by Singapore standards.


you are right, mate!
I was drawing a 63K per month, and the employer decides that you should have a 50% pay cut


Nope. Passport rules in that case. The only way to get away with paying him peanuts is hiring him as a local without work permit…which I fear is the case here. And no, just being ethnically Chinese does not count.

Push comes to shove, he would have to be an Overseas compatriot, which means he would need Taiwanese roots/granpas, etc. In which case hell he would come to work for 30K with his experience and language skills. Hell no way Jose.


I think I’m going to reject the offer.
Is it a norm to offer 1/2 of the pay in my probation period?

I was offered 35K as my contract offer while taking 15K for my probation period for 3 months.
I really think that the company really run afoul of the employment laws.


Just forget about it, it sounds terrible.


And if they don’t get you a work permit you’ll be working illegally.


What wait?!


Did you talk to them? Did they actually said that 35k was their offer? And then brought it down to 15k?! Not even a local…


Forget about work permit. Someone should throw these *$&@#%s to the tax office.


Sounds like they were testing you to see just how much exploitation you would put up with. Avoid like the plague.


Probation period is 15K and after 3 month is 35K



yeap, the penalty of being caught is costly.


Maybe but I did tell them that the plan is not feasible.


I understand probation period being half, but 35K!?

Wher eis that haram meme?


OK, but I am still curious: why did they offer you such a low salary? What was their reaction when you told them that amount was illegal?