Minimium wage for Foreigners working in Broadcasting


One thing is exploitation, the other is illegal hiring.

I mean, if they were offering such a low pay to a local, perhaps I would understand. If they were offering that to a foreigner with no degree nor experience, who is here illegally, I would think yeah par de course plausible for them to be so…greedy/stupid/both.

Why would they catbait a foreigner abroad for this?


To your first question, I simply have no idea
To your second question: I’m still in my home country. Not in Taiwan illegally.


Never underestimate stupidity. :rainbow:


I know. But you did ask them, did you?

Seems to me you do not want to burn bridges with these people and kind of taking the blame saying “the plan is not feasible”. They are in the wrong. The very wrong. It is simply immoral to lure someone with false premises.

I know you are not in Taiwan illegally now, but what they want from you is to be here and work here illegally.


This goes beyond stupidity. It is active malice. A competitor perhaps? It is catfishing. They are engaing in active illegal activities by trying to get someone to work for them illegally. As said, this is not a kindy 2 week gig. they are importing labor and putting this person in the spotlight in media, where that person can be caught easily. It is disgusting.


Wishing someone a pleasant day can be taken more than one way. :bowing:

But yes, it would make sense to tell them the plan is not feasible for specific reasons.


No matter how I think, it is not feasible for the contract to be signed or anything

Of course at sports broadcast business, the industry is really small and it hurts to burn bridges as we all tend to know each other.

Guess I will be honing my skills in Singapore and abandon any hopes of going to Taipei to work.

It is a bummer as I tried for 4 years and it comes down to naught.


I am so sorry to hear that. Rest assured you did your best. As long as you are ready, when the best opportunity comes, you can take it.


I don’t know about that.

It just that it is a bummer where I have been trying hard for the past 4 years to get a Taipei based job and this happens to me.

I do really like that job though. That job was supposed to be one that I can really shine with my experience in media for the past 7 or 8 years.


You deserve better. You will get it.


I seriously don’t know that if I can get any better jobs other than this.

I am just quite depressed over the fact that I wasted 4 years honing my skills in SG and was about to come to Taipei to implement what I know and my skills. This has to bring an abrupt end to my dreams.


Oh of course you can, this was a very bad job, bottom of the can. Certainly someone with your skills can do a lot better.


I have a little experience with this kind of thing. PM me if you want some advice.


Quick update:
the employer is looking to apply for Employment Gold Card.

Does the salary requirement is still 47,971 NTD?


Forget it man , they are going to screw you.


Let see what le prospective employer says
As far as I know as up to today, she said that she is waiting for MOF answer
and did send me a link with information for employment gold card


With a golden card you could do free lance. Mmm there could be an opportunity there.


Yea but then, if the contract is not ratified, it is pointless as well


The Golden Card is yours, not theirs, that is the difference.

It is a big difference. As long as you have that, you can do as you please, starting with “I cannot devote my whole time to you”.


that is pretty much true!
Anyway I got off the phone with the prospective employer and she says that it is the fastest way