Minimium wage for Foreigners working in Broadcasting



I got a diploma

Not sure if the bells and whistles is good enough.


Do not forget certifications of everything, as many seals and stamps as possible. For us it is easier because everything must be translated. Just having your degree certified by college authorities and hopefully the TECO in Singapore can make a big difference.

Letters of recommendation must be notarized, for example.


For some types of work it’s five years of experience without a degree (for a normal WP).


I wonder if testimonial helps
but needing to go notarized personal documents is a waste of le time.


It sounds your prospective employer will apply for you for the gold card, so they will pay the application fee, right?


They will pay for the processing fee
So in the meantime, I need to get to my own ministry of foreign affairs, get my certs and transcripts verified, and get to the Taiwan embassy to verified it and my own passport.


Can they do that? I mean legally.

Honestly I do not trust these guys.

And are they still offering to pay 15k? How is OP going to live with that, leaving legalities aside?


Employer or agent can do the application too. But, I think the card is OP’s, if the application is approved.

me neither.


The new deal that I brokered is
They apply for the permit, and the whole contract will be renegotiated.


me neither.

Gotta put a little faith in them even to the point that I don’t really trust them.


a very quick update!
Finally going to get my documentation stamped by my own country’s foreign affairs ministry
Hopefully, this week I am able to send the whole documentation to Taiwan before I have to get myself back to an army camp at the end of this month.


Sure desperate to come to Taiwan.
Its a lady isn’t it …It’s got to be.


40% is for my girlfriend
60% is all about stepping out of the comfort zone

beats flying every 3 months and tire myself to death.

workflow if I was to stay in my home country:

  • download emails from the airport
    -work on the plane since it is the last flight out to Taipei
    -Send out emails in Taoyuan
    -See sights, reached home at 12 midnight, worked till 3 am, wake up at 7 am before going out again
    -download emails from Taoyuan airport
    -work in the plane since it is also the last flight out from Taipei
  • arrive in my home country and straight off I go to the office.


Ah a romantic, I see. :grinning:

I hope your gf is just a gf. If she’s more than that, then I hope she doesn’t pull a Lilleth (or whatever Andrew’s fiancé was named).

Anyway, very best of luck.


What exactly do you mean by “pull a @_Lilith”?


Submitted my papers to Taiwan employer!


Uh. Get engaged and live happily forever after? What’s wrong with that? Some people just want to watch the world burn…


Pulling a Lillith, in this case, means that @gaoxingdcf’s gf, who I assume is currently not a poster here, signs on later (like Lillith) and learns that only 40% of the reason her bf wants to move to Taiwan is due to her.

It’s that level of “I’m in a relationship but between you and me …sometimes it’s just me” honesty that got Andrew in some hot water, after all.


Kudos to him. He’s a smart guy. She knows where she stands, she knows that he knows that she knows, and they’re still together.


it might be much better than that her bf wants to move to taiwan 100% for her.