Minimum Hours Legality

I am working at a school where I teach multiple courses, each one of about nine weeks’ duration, which start in different weeks. I want to leave and give notice, but I have a question to anyone who knows the legalities. I am worried that the employer will want me to finish each of the courses, which would mean that I may be working only three to nine hours per week for a number of weeks. The company has my ARC. Would it be legal if the employer forced me to finish each course so some weeks I was working so few hours? My contract has a minimum number of hours per week of sixteen.

I worked at ELSI (now Kojen) a few years ago and they did the same thing to me that your employer is doing to you now.
Basically, they squeezed the teachers at my school for extra hours in teh summer when they needed teachers and just said “sorry, no classes, we only have 6 hours/week for you” the rest of the year. The reality seemed to be that other teachers just did outside work when it wasn’t summer and the school looked the other way, though legally you are bound for 16 hours/week and the school is also obliged to provide those hours as well.
Depending on your relationship with your school, you could fight with them and make them give you more hours and tell them if you don’t then you just won’t finish those courses.

I posted just a few below yours on this board. My question was: Does the Taiwan Govt. give work permits for part time work/what is considered part-time/full-time?

What is the minimum number of hours you have to work per week to get the work permit/visa from your employer that sponsors your ARC?

Since your question is related to mine re: numbers of hours/week, I’ll share any info I get and hope you can do the same for me.