Mirroring 'custody' court orders in Taiwan?

Hello again,

I wondered if anyone has any experience of having foreign court orders ‘mirrored’ in Taiwan?

I was divorced via the courts in Taiwan for ‘malicious desertion’ two years after I left Taiwan with our child with ex’s verbal consent. I did not contest the court summons, so the divorce was decreed in my absence. Fine by me. Problem is, nothing was mentioned regarding custody / maintenance of our child.

To preempt any attempt by my ex to file for custody in Taiwan, I am starting the process of getting various court orders in place regarding what used to be known as child ‘custody’ in the UK (residence order, consent order, contact order, etc).

My question is: can these be mirrored in Taiwan and what is the process for doing this?

Is it simply a case of taking the UK court order, getting it translated into Chinese, and then notarised / legalised in the Taiwan courts, so that it is registered as a ‘contract’ between my ex and me?

He is playing dumb about the processes and swears that the courts do not do this kind of thing. Surely you can sign affidavits at the courts in Taiwan?

The reason for getting this done is so that I would not feel quite so paranoid about potential abduction while he comes to the UK to visit and see his child (I am guessing it would be dead easy to apply for a ROC passport on paternity grounds?) and also so that if I ever wanted to return to Taiwan with our child, there would be no risk of being unable to leave / abduction / etc…


If your child had a Taiwanese passport before, yes. It would be dead easy for your husband to get another one–but he still needs the photos. He only had to have your consent for the first passport, he doesn’t need it for others beyond the first. If you child never had a Taiwanese passport, I believe you husband is supposed to have your consent before the passport can be issued–but we’re talking about Taiwan. Nothing is ever carved in stone.

Sorry, I can’t speak to the mirroring queston.

If your child entered the UK with a UK passport, i don’t think he could leave on the Taiwan passport. There wouldn’t be entry stamps on it, and sure to cause red flags with officials.

Make sure you lock up his UK passport, though.

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Do they actually check, when you leave the UK?