Misinformation about lost item

Recently, I found a cell phone in youbike (rental bike) and because of my poor listening, I gave wrong information so that the officer thinks I did not find anything. I just give the phone to the nearest officer, but I feel worried if the owner will sue me as I looked like to hide his/her phone. Can this be happened to me? I am now a graduate student in a university in Taipei city right now. Thank you for your info.

He took your name? Did he say something like he thinks you stole it? I can’t imagine he would think you stole it and then handed it to him.

The officer asked my name and where to find me, but he did not say anything about suspecting me as a thief. I hope they still use their common sense like you did.

Just your name?

I would consider it highly unlikely that it woudl go anywhere else than “lost and found” - it would be the end of the matter.