Missing Dog - In Urgent Need of Meds

Java, the dog we rescued from YMS who had string embedded so deep in his neck it had caused a gaping wound and resulting infection, managed to escape from my van last night after being collected from the vet.

He escaped in the ShiDa area and ran toward Heping W. Rd and the HuanHe Expressway, next to the river.

He is an adult male, recently neutered, black, with medium length fur, about 12 kg in weight, WITH STITCHES AND A SCAR VERY VISIBLE ON HIS NECK; he doesn’t respond to his name, and he is shy. He will snap if cornered but does not bite. He urgently needs medication.

If you see this dog, please call me ASAP at any time on 0920 620 109.

Thank you.


I only just saw this. I’ll go take a quick look in that area tonight if you haven’t had any luck tracking him down. Poor fellow.

Thank you, gaboman - I may see you there. My number again: 0920 620 109. :bravo: :notworthy:

Actually trying to call you now (on an unrelated animal emergency), but you’re nonrespondent. NONRESPONDENT, I SAY!

I went out looking for him last night. Walked from Shida area down Heping a few kilometers. No luck of course. Sean if you’ll be in the area around 6 we can look for him together.

OK, I’m there. Thank you!

Gaboman, no reception at home - leaving in about 20 minutes, so please try again (though the line is often busy … damn admirers!).

OK, I’ll call you when I get off work.

any update?

Haven’t got him yet.

We have looked every day, and I checked the pound on Friday and will do the same every day this week.

Pat and Carol, the amazing couple who called us about him and helped me catch him the first time, spent all yesterday afternoon looking, but not a sign.

I’ll be there around 5.30 for an hour (dusk is when dogs are most active, other than dawn). If anyone wants to join me, give me a call: 0920 620 109.

We have a new escape-proof (and smell-free) van now.

Thank you!