Missing Firewire Driver

Using a rather antiquated PC running XP sp3, I used to use it to snatch video from the rather old videocam. Nothing fancy here. But the wretched driver has gone missing… Now I know it’s a VIA firewire port that I added, but I can’t find the driver disk, can’t determine exactly what is needed,…

How can I find out which particular Via firewire driver I need? Is there something that can determine this for me? Speccy doesn’t seem to help me.


Have you tried going to device manager, then looking to see what type of Via Firewire card you have added, then do a google search for that driver for that particular card?

Did a quick look on the via website, seems many of their chips don’t require drivers for anything newer than win 98.

However if all that doesnt get it working, you might try downloading OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

You should also be able to see the controller chip model number on the chip itself.

Just Google the numbers on the chip and you should be able to cross-reference enough of the information you find to find the actual driver online.

Works for me nine out of ten times…

Thanks. Mystery of mysteries: it looks like a restart fixed the issue.

But why do drivers go missing?

Will try again after Chinese New Year!