Missing, found alive! (Thamluang cave rescue)


Stories like the one below makes me have a bit more faith in humanity. Just a bit more.


A Belgian adventurer died on a cave dive a few weeks ago, his family said not to start searching as it’s too dangerous, a French specialist cave dive rescue team started and lost a diver. Caves are not a playground. Especially the ones that have water.


I’m starting to get really fucking tired of Elon Musk. He’s reaching Neil DeGrasse Tyson levels of pettiness and arrogance.


Well he had good intentions…just that the sub wasn’t what was needed there.

And musk can’t take criticism

There could be some circumstance where the sub could have been useful…just not in this one.

Glad all we are fighting about is this and not the deaths of the boys and other rescuers ( sad one died of course, wish none did)

At least musk went over there and tried to help, more than what most have done .


Unless it was indeed just a PR stunt to promote his brand as the Brit diver claims.


I doubt it really . But what we don’t want is musk putting anyone else in danger by going back into the cave to prove his sub could have worked.

We don’t want that. No one should ever go into that cave again



“Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it.”

I doubt Musk ran that by his legal guys before he posted it.

The British caver shouldn’t have made any comment on Musk’s kiddy submarine, and certainly not suggested Musk insert it painfully into any orifice. However, whether he likes it or not Musk is the billionaire in this situation and he’s looking at a potential major legal action.

EDIT: He then doubled down: “Bet ya a signed dollar it’s true.” He’s surely going to have to pay through the nose for this one, isn’t he? Even US freedom of speech doesn’t allow baseless defamation.


Perhaps you can summarize, because…


He had that closed down rapidly.

There’s not much to summarise, really. He called the British diver a pedo.


Why? Because he’s based in Thailand?

Yeah, Musk is the worst.


Yeah Musk would be smarter to realize that A, he is NOT Donald Trump who says a lot of stupid shit.
B. he should be more careful what he says being who he is.

You and I can say shit like that (maybe) but a public figure should not.
And its been a bad exchange. One guy calling him to stick his kiddy sub up his butt. And Musk can only think to call him a pedo.

Bad all around.
Best to have spokespersons say your statement if you say anything at all.

The world has truly gone to Twitter it seems.


Musk’s rep is rapidly sinking like a boy-sized submarine.


His stupid submarine would have had to have been made of rubber. How the hell do you get a sub through the holes they were dealing with. The divers themselves were having to bend and contort their bodies just to get through some gaps.