Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”, Canadian

Maybe a small business owner.

Still needs the wife to sign in. No local guarantor, no cigar.

I feel a Scooby Doo ending is just over the horizon

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Should be found soon, the Taiwan police have put out a missing persons sketch.


I suspect they got Taiwan mixed up with Thailand.


Updated the missing persons sketch because he is a PADI scuba diver.



Honestly ! That could be ANY male foreigner !

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I have unsecured credit cards here.

Great , which banks ? And on an APRC?

ARC. Even got them when I was on yearly ARCs with a work permit. I later changed to a 3 year entrepreneur’s ARC. I still have two years before getting an APRC. Citi and Union Bank.

Citi is pretty normal. Union tied the expiry to the expiry of my ARC. Citi gave me $60000, Union gave me $30000.

Citi is hit and miss. And they are way too cavalier with limits. Plus the highest interst rates. You do need a certain…collateral and expenditure. Otherwise, their yearly fees do itch. Union…do they handle your payroll?

Anyways, this guy was married. Most banks would prefer not the hassle of the paperwork for a foreigner and just do joint stuff with wife. Again, you need the wife’s family’s help to do the money tracking.

Let’s say he doesn’t want to be found. Let’s say he tries emptying the family account. You cannot get more than a certain limit. There should be a bank trail.

Let’s say he managed to get out of The Island on another foreigner’s passport, we all look the same, it’s been done before. Someone here must know, must have helped. After two years, need for secrecy is not that vital as access to money. If the guy is alive, if he is using someone’s identity, it is someone who is still in Taiwan. If another US citizen, then Uncle Sam’s taxman must have a trail in two places. Otherwise, we need to see who is making money in two places and is within his circle.

I mean, I am worried the police would just say, oh he left. Would they say the same if I suddenly went missing? I only have pets here. Oh she had debts, they would say. Credit card is wiped clean every month. Cops would need to look into it and not assume. But then what? Would they keep looking or just assume as a foreigner with no roots here one would just leave anytime? That is dangerous. Very unsafe…for us.

Last time a foreigner walked out on his family was because he took his own life in the park. But they found him the next morning. Two years is too long.

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Is that USD or NTD limits?

TWD of course. I’m in Taiwan and they’re Taiwanese banks.

So Citi gave you 60 thousand? Credit limit is 60 thousand?

Yeah, $60000 limit to spend my Chiang Kaishekels. Even advertised that they didnt need a guarantor.

They gave me 500 thousand. I had to fight with them to lower it. APRC.

I have a secured 30 thousand, with another bank, for Internet purposes.

I tell you, credit cards here are hit or miss. They treat us foreigners like Global gym membership. Some people get A, some people get B, some are denied. All are played.

Try getting a small cash loan and get back to us with the story. It is going to be entertaining, I tell ya.

Who knows, the rules are never set in stone here. The minimum payment is considerably higher than in Canada and had a fight with them for that. Those were the dark days of the Buxiban screwing me over. Now we’re cool.

I have said it a thousand times: getting a credit card here for a foreigner depends on the phases of the moon, the roll of the ba gua, your alignment in the Western and Chinese horoscope and whatever the bank clerk had for lunch that day.


Yeah, but at least it is advertised to foreigners that it is guarantor-free. I usually tell people to go to Citi because it has the most concrete of rules.

Eh I wouldn’t dare to use the word concrete.

Are you saying all foreigners look the same?

That’s wacist, that is.