Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”

NT$440 is Taroko and Puyuma express trains and Tzi-chiang train. First two take just over 2 hours (seats nearly always booked full ahead of time by tour groups). Last one can be 2 hrs 30mins to over 3 hours.
NT$340 is Chu-guang, takes three hours plus 15~45mins
NT$283 is Fu-hsing, longer. Don’t take.

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Also, make sure you get to the train station with at least 20-30 mins extra time on day of travel. Taipei station is a big train station, and I found it difficult to find our train last time, and I speak and read Chinese! And do not be afraid to ask for help in English - most people will do their best to point you in the right direction.

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Forumosans - Which place and time (6 or 7pm?) would be good? I’ll see if I can create a poll.
I can’t think of any places right beside Taipei Station but it’s only minutes by subway to many of these.
My favorite places for a beer that are on the red line MRT are:
23 Public (Xin Beitou has nice tables there)
23 Public (Yuanshan)
Brass Monkey (not on the red MRT but still convenient)

Any other suggestions?

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I don’t think I can create a poll.

I’m not in the north, but can try

QSquare 京站, just across street from main train station on North side. Connected to main station by underground walkway.


The bar at Ceasar Park hotel (or buffet which had all you drink beer/gin/others but it’s been awhile so not sure it’s the same), where he is staying there it is easy to get to for all (Exit direct from MRT to hotel). Our Taipei office is across the road, and now days I find lots of good places to eat and drink within walking distance to avoid the Taxi (even though Taxi is cheaper than Kaoshiung) mostly save time to relax. Maybe he might like time to relax. Edit Q Square is also great place, short walk (under or above ground)

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Even something by the night market, we want to go there tonight as well.
Is the market at number 101 Jihe road Shilin District?

Hi Dave, if you get out of the MRT at Jiantan the Shilin night market is right there, just follow the crowds. There’s a number of night markets in Taipei, some might recommend a different one.

Do you know if you will be heading to Kaohsiung side?

Everyone needs to visit a night market. Shilin is the largest. It is crowded but Monday night is definitely better than Friday or Saturday night. How about we meet at your hotel lobby at 6pm and head there for dinner/snacks? It is very convenient to your hotel as it is on the red subway line.

If you’d like, I can meet there earlier and we can go take care of your Thursday tickets. I’ve got some meetings from 2-4 so I can be there as early as 5.

Let me know and other Forumosans are welcome to join.


Ok my hotel lobby is fine to meet up.
I got my ticket.


Awesome. I’ll be at the lobby at 6pm

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On my way down
I dont see anybody

We need a photo of stinky tofu consumption!

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go to Dos Tacos, Hualien and introduce yourself and situation. Jason will be good (if he’s not too busy)

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Ya we saw alot of those, and smelled them.
No way am I eating that lol


A big thank you to Aikaili for taking time out of your day and taking us to the Shilin night market and showing us around a bit, much appreciated.


It was a pleasure to meet you guys and I hope this is a good trip for you and your friend. Best wishes! Kara


Also try the fried stinky tofu (not the black soupy kind). You’ll still hate it but you’ll hate it less. Maybe oyster omelette but be prepared for the QQ from the sweet potato flour. Everything tastes good with hot sauce.

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the fried stinky dofu is an acquired taste, the other stuff is just abominable. But pls don’t eat any stinky tofu because that may be the ONE thing that was most memorable about your Taiwan trip.

Just like all i can remember about my trip to Paris back when tommy was young and T rex still flew to Orly, is the six times i stepped in dog shit in ONE morning. Paris was full of dog shit and the smell of dog shit in April. Heard people have since then been told to pick up the doggie doodoo but …is that true?

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