Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Getting murdered and nobody caring is much worse.
As I said a shitload of red flags and nobody seems to have done anything about it.
If I went missing I’d hope somebody went looking for me.


I just realized the guy is Canadian. Canada day perhaps?


Unless you wanted to go missing.


Then you slam the door, take your money and stuff and run.

However, in a place with so many camera, so many people, so many controls over comings and goings, especially two years ago after the You Know Who fiasco and the ATM thefts, there would be atrace of something. In the open fields of the Wild Western countries, maybe, but here where Big Borther is watching and you can´t even pee in peace behind a bus?

Guy lived in Taipei, not in the midst of Chiayi.


The guy was a dive instructor in Taipei. There’s your lead. There’s only a few dive outfits in Taipei.


@keroliver , ask your NIB friend for help on this or what agency/bureau he can offer directions to


Good idea


Reading the FB comments, this report came from his wife.


She said his bike broke down and a car picked him up. Not very sinister.

It’s very possible he just overstayed his visa, is working illegally and doesn’t want to be found.

Dammit you got me on the case now.


Yeah, if it was sinister and involved her you wouldn’t think she would report it. Whole thing sounds pretty weird on FB. Sad.


Married? After 15 years?

Bro says he does not trust her. There must be a reason.*

*she did not contact them after he dissappeared. they have never met her.


He could contact someone to say he’s alive and well but does not want to be found cause …reason. This could end up in a massive search. I would guess he’d realise this and get the message out that at least he is not dead. However just total silence hmmmm
If I was working illegally I’d call some people and tell them to STFU in case my boss found out. I’d guess he’s either met a fatal end or being held against his will. Anyway hope I’m wrong.


What, like white slavery? He’s been gone 2 years.


yeah maybe. I did once help a little girl get saved from life in a small dog cage here. But that’s a different story. She was in that cage a few years. Not white though.


Say what?



Background please.



Where is this “working illegally” come from? Global Affairs? If that is Canadian they may not know much about Taiwan´s legislation.

Guy lived here 15 years, had a scuba instructor license, was married. he must have had a bank account, a driver´s license, heck a marriage based open work permit. If he was teaching in 2004 in a public school one has to assume guy was qualified, had a work permit. Moreover, his kid has Canadian citizenship, see certificate pic on his brother´s FB. So, that means some paperwork must have crossed both Canadian government offices and MOFA/BOCA. There is a paper trail somewhere. Caveat emptor: this from his bro´s FB.


I actually think I’ve seen him somewhere but I don’t know if Taiwan or Philippines or when.


He looks a bit like a guy who begs in Jhongli with three dogs.